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WBA v Chelsea (PL) Sat 26th Sep 2020 17:30 GMT

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Strange game. This is not what any Blue has been expecting. We shouldn't have to come from 3 goals down against a newly promoted team that nearly blew their automatic promotion in the last few games. Genuinely don't know what's going on here. Only got to see the Barnsley highlights but they seemed really slick. Today you'd think they were playing in treacle. We've seriously dodged one tonight. 

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2 minutes ago, Jangz said:

bit of both.. some players just didnt look at it and under cooked such as SIlva.. and then with 20 minutes to go.. a bad tactical switch

Did the cfc fight back keep Frank in a job ? and if we are going down that Road who is out there that could pull this team into top 4 playing team 

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there is no fun in watching Lampard's Chelsea. No tactical idea, no shape, no vision, what are we playing??

The players walking on the pitch, defence looks totally disconnected every game and concedes an average of 2-3 goals per game,  our " stellar " midfield is over played and over powered every single game, a lot of players in positions where they are wasted.

I supported Frank and wanted him to succeed, but this hat is too big for him, not a Chelsea level manager at the moment. Purely emotional appointment that will set-us back. 

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1 minute ago, paraphil said:

I would be happy not to see Alonso on the field again. His fault led to their first and he lost the scorer of the third just as the assist came in. Thanks for the years of service but I think his time with us is now spent.

he serves up such shockers every now and then.. maybe with Chilwell coming in he doesnt want to fight for his place.. 

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6 minutes ago, cRyptic said:

We are getting bullied in midfield in almost every match, I genuinely think sorting that out should be our top priority.

Personally I think Jorginho should start. He’s not the strongest or most dominant midfielder but his orchestration of the plays allow us to maintain possession in the meddle when he plays.

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9 minutes ago, MayosNoun! said:

Christensen gets bullied off every striker in the league yet starts most games. I don’t get Frank’s love for him. For someone who played with some outstanding defenders, he is utterly clueless in organising a team defensively. The silver lining in the Liverpool game was the hope that Christensen wouldn’t play another game yet he’s right back in the team. 


Strange to pick out Christensen today when he was the pick of our defenders.

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This first half was horrendous but surely we have to appreciate that this team reacted straight away and not only next Tuesday. 

Coming back from 0-3 in 45 minutes is almost impossible because scoring a goal is twice as hard against a side that's only there to defend, counter and waste time than in an open game. 

The team showed real morale today, if this is what the lowpoints of a season in transition are gonna look like I'll take it.

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Frank deserves credit after turning it around.

A horror story of errors and missed chances in the first.

  • The Azpi change made sense to me as Alonso was being targeted.
  • Mount deserves credit for that opening goal, a great goal for me.
  • CHO looked forlost on the Right again yet improved massively after moving to the left and the 1-2 with Havertz was good to see as was the goal.  First time in a while CHO has looked EPL standard for me.
  • James was busy putting in crosses yet his corners were woeful, has he caught Willianitis?  Thankfully Mount has not.
  • Werner busy though not outstanding today.
  • Havertz played well, one assist and making himself available and putting in challenges.
  • Tammy showed he was awake for the third.
  • Christensen for me our best defender today.
  • Was Kante playing as a CB near the end?

Team showed heart and grit today after looking to have thrown it away in the 1st half, look forward to seeing on MOTD as the stream was in and out.

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Just now, Frankie8Lampard said:

Personally I think Jorginho should start. He’s not the strongest or most dominant midfielder but his orchestration of the plays allow us to maintain possession in the meddle when he plays.

The Jorginho-Kovacic pairing was working tremendously well, I certainly hope Frank goes with it.

I feel sorry for Kante, but he's not been up to the task for quite a while, objectively speaking.

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