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Tottenham 1-1 Chelsea (5-4 pens) Player Ratings

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Mendy - 6 - Made a few decent saves and catches, but still failed to catch one that could have resulted in a goal. Didn't look like saving any penalty either.

Azpilicueta - 5 - Defended fine in most parts, don't know where he was for their goal though.

Tomori - 3 - Looked uncomfortable all night. Kept jumping for headers too early and positionally was all over the place. Zouma was doing too much covering for him tonight.

Zouma - 4 - Mostly fine apart from a few dodgy clearances, but like all of our defenders, they always make a costly error when they are having a decent game. He missed the header completely for their equaliser.

Chilwell - 5 - Just getting back to full fitness, he had a steady game. Nothing great, but nothing bad either.

Jorginho - 5 - Seems to only ever look good when we are controlling the possession. As soon as things get a bit tough, he's a passenger.

Kovacic - 3 - Very poor. Reactions and decision making were way too slow all night. He was almost caught on the ball by Lamela multiple times in the first half. He's started the season very poorly.

Mount - 4 - Not a good game for Mount. He messed up a basic pass that should have put Werner in for a 1v1 chance and didn't really offer much quality throughout the game today.

Hudson-Odoi - 4 - He really struggles on the right, he can't beat the full back from that position.

Werner - 5 - Would have been a 4, but his goal bumped up his rating. A bunch of misplaced passes and poor decision making from Werner today. I also thought he should have been quicker to get his shot away that could have put us 2-0 up.

Giroud - 3 - Very poor. Didn't link up well with anybody today. It didn't help that nobody got close to him to help him out.


Emerson - 3 - Done f**k all positive as usual and was at fault for their goal.

Kante - 4 - Didn't change much when he came on.

Abraham - 4 - Same as Kante, didn't change much when he came on.


Lampard - 6 - I don't think he did much wrong today apart from the timing of the subs. We needed to make one as soon as we started losing control.

Tottenham - 5 - They didn't look good, didn't even look like scoring, but you can trust our defenders to give them the perfect opportunity and they took it.


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Mendy - 6

Azpilicueta - 6.5 - Probably the best player overall today

Tomori - 6

Zouma - 6 

Chilwell - 5.5

Jorginho - 5.5

Kovacic - 5

Mount - 4

Hudson-Odoi - 4

Werner - 6

Giroud - 4.5


Emerson - 4

Kante - 5

Abraham - 5 - Got robbed of a goal from CHO.


Lampard - 3 - Terrible management and tactics overall.

Tottenham - 5

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Mendy - 6, can't really blame him on the penalties, he jumped 4 times to the same side, he's got the best teacher for it. He saved the shots he needed to, he was good in the air except one mistake and can't really blame him on the goal. 

Azpilicueta - 6, very good first half with a good assist to Werner, but in the second half Reguilon had more freedom and more space, he wasn't looking that good when Spurs attacked us. Anyways, Dave always played with his heart and one of the players that put everything in every game.

Tomori - 5, had good moments with few tackles, didn't really make mistakes when the ball was on his feet. Had few shaky moments and missed few jumps towards the ball. 

Zouma - 7, another good performance by him. Few shaky moments with the ball, but overall he was very good defensively. 

Chilwell - 5, defensively he did his job, I believe if he had stayed on the pitch we would not concede that goal. I expected much more from him in the attack.

Jorginho - 5, his biggest impact is at possession game, but we're moving the ball very slow. He tried to put himself in the game, he worked. But he can't run and can't defend.

Kovacic - 4, haven't seen his drives with the ball for a long time, it wasn't a good performance by him. He wasn't active offensively and not in the defence.

Hudson Odoi - 6, was our best player in the first half, in the second half was quiet with a poor decision in the final minutes. He improved his work rate on the pitch, I really hope to see more from him.

Mount - 5, always running and trying to do his best, but today it wasn't his day. 

Werner - 5, scored his first goal and unfortunately that's the only positive thing he has done in the goal. Without the goal I'd give him 4.

Giroud - 4, our worst player in that game. He couldn't do nothing with the ball and without the ball.



Emerson - 4, not good enough, big mistake his covering on Lamela, hasn't added something to the game. 

Kante - 6, came in and added a lot of energy, our team looked better when he came on. He showed what Kovacic had to do in the game. Drives forward, stops counters, moving the ball faster.

Abraham - 5, not enough time to do something, but I'm sure if CHO was passing that ball, Abraham would make it 2.

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Iam fumming with Frank for sole reason he had that pillockkk kepa on the bench which inturn left Willy sat at Home watching the game via the idiot box > Willy as our fully fit and competant goalkeeper who has a outstanding record of saving penaltys at both man city and chelsea  . Iam no football manager to point out the obvious ,but Even a manager of a Sunday pub football team would have had Willy on the bench with penaltys in mind .

Frank null points just like Norway used to Get in the Eurovision song contest ,do i step over the line with the term Frank the plank because Something dont sit correct with me  why Frank keeps bending over for kepa > if its because somebody upstairs is making Frank select kepa then i give him some slack with addvice to man up for his own sake > it will be Frank that gets the chop if Frank is having his strings pulled . 


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So Edouard Mendy, on his debut, is Man of the Match from the Spurs game. Maybe on account of how poorly others did and not a reflection of his game. 


Edouard Mendy: 6


César Azpilicueta: 5.8

Fikayo Tomori: 4.7

Kurt Zouma: 5.7

Ben Chilwell: 5.2


Jorginho: 5.2

Mateo Kova?i?: 4 


Callum Hudson-Odoi: 4.7

Mason Mount: 4.3

Timo Werner: 5.3

Olivier Giroud: 3.8


Emerson Palmieri: 3.7 

N'Golo Kanté: 5

Tammy Abraham: 4.7


Frank Lampard: 4.5 

Spurs: 5

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