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Chelsea v Southampton (PL) Sat 17th Oct 2020 15:00 GMT

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14 hours ago, General said:

No decent goalkeeper avail & the same back 4 choices as last season Vs Soton (xcept Chilly maybe) imo means a long 90 minutes, cant predict as the wild card Kepa has just been re introduced into the pack, lets hope Rudiger is not in the squad then as well !

If Soton score first we will struggle, if we bang in a couple unanswered should get all the points.

I have lost track of the CFC  chelsea TV reserve squads games was taken off the sky sports platform ,we had a half decent looking young polish keeper couple years back who looked more than upto the job ,what happened to him or any other youth team keeper in the set up today .

how old was Steve francis when he first turned out for chelsea in division 2 ? SF turned out to competent enough to gain a starting role 

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18 hours ago, MayosNoun! said:

Swap Christensen for anyone (mascot included) and I agree. 

I am and always have been one of the Christensen critics (particularly when he was supposed to compete with the man Zouma) and Tomori supporters on this forum.

But if we look beyond the obvious red card against Pool, Christensen has already shown hints of aggression and leadership this season that go beyond what I've seen from him before.

Tomori however, despite a strong half against Liverpool, was annoyingly sloppy in both League cup games, as if our leads in both instances took the pressure/urgency out of his game. Made me a bit worried about a 'turning up for the big games' pattern that he can't afford at this point in his career.

Christensen simply had the stronger start to the season and should play therefore.

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14 hours ago, PhilH930 said:

Exactly my thoughts.  I'd go one further and say if they are fit enough for the bench they are fit enough to play, otherwise don't bring them.

I really do think this chopping and changing will be his self-inflicted downfall.  Just overcomplicates the basics.

Giving a player who's just returned from injury a first performance off the bench couldn't be more normal and makes a lot of sense. 

If anything you could be annoyed about Frank being too honest about players' fitness status in press conferences.

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How is it every time we have something good going we are hit with injuries. Mendy and Silva were the players that would solidify the back and now neither of them play. We are basically back to Christensen - Kepa against Danny Ings. 

We really need to outscore then today because a clean sheet in not on the cards. Glad Pulisic is back. Ziyech might play 20-30mins. 

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9 minutes ago, The Rising Sun said:

We should have gone in for Jack Butland, Palace have just got him from Stoke.

if Kepa plays I never feel confident.

It’s an interesting thing to consider - if selecting players to buy is influenced on their likelihood of playing international football? 

I mean, assuming that Jack Butland is good enough ( that’s a matter of conjecture for me ) he last played for England in 2018, don’t think he makes the England squad these days, so does that make home more “attractive” to a club? 

I was advocating the buying of Martinez who went to AV, but if he was playing out of his skin for us , would the Argentinean FA come knocking and pick him ? Course they would, but I never considered his likelihood or not of getting a call up or where his home nation was located in the world, in my wanting him to replace Kepa ? 

Bit like Silva, you cannot trivialise the journey and time zone differences between the UK and South America, it knocks the bo!!ocks out of you for days in my experience, add a factor in for his age and so no wonder he’s not available, but I guess that his desire to continue to play international football was known and taken into account when he signed ?

Similarly the African lads and the African cup of nations, could end up losing Mendy and Ziyech for a couple of weeks when that is on.

Suppose the bottom line is that you want your players to be good enough to be selected, but unavailable when called for 😇 Fergie always seemed to manage who played and when for their countries ?

It’s kinda ironic really that Spain keep the faith with Kepa, wonder what Azpi thinks about that  ? 

Anyways, it’s Saturday - COYB 🥅😎😎

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