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Chelsea Women

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People seem to forget that Women's football was massive buring the First World War. But once the surviving men returned from the war. Husbands backed by the Government and FA wanted the women back in the kitchen so Kicked them all out of the Factories whom most played for. They eventually actually banned Women's football in 1921. The organised game didn't start again until 1969. No wonder it lags behind the Men's game. Some might not like Women commentating on games but you cannot deny that they actually know what the're talking about. I'd take any of them over Glenn Hoddle and his monotone BS anyday.

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23 hours ago, axman2526 said:

Rubbish start to their season unfortunately. Barely lost a game all last campaign and lost at Arsenal today.

They usually start slow to be fair, and remember a few players got back from the Olympics late

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