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When chelsea fans got banned > ‘’ you can’t ban a chelsea fan ‘’

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Think the season was 1981 ? I know that chelsea fans were banned from watford away and Bolton away games  was there any more games that was within that ban before the ban was lifted ? 

i know that 1000s of chelsea turned up at vicarage Road for the watford v chelsea game so the Police ordered that all the fans be allowed into the game due to safety fears if 1000s was locked out .

The next game if iam correct was Bolton Wanderers at burden park and the ban was still in place 

Did any on here Get to said game ? 

if so how you manage to Get match ticket or into the ground ? 

from my memory there was small amount of chelsea fans in the seats and a smaller amount on the railway embankment end in the far left hand corner.

i got my two tickets by writting off to BWFC with an enclosed cheque with a letter saying i was a neutral wanting to go to the game > fact that my postal address was doncaster and not the smoke or Home counties made me 100% confident of getting the match tickets .

i was stood on the railway embankment end with about another 30+ chelsea if my memory is correct ,but there was more chelsea in the seats .

dont real recall any stress after the game when making my way back to Bolton train station  but i do recall passing a pub that was full of Bolton orribles both inside and outside the pub under a bridge before the ground . 

i cant recall correct score of the game ? 



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18 minutes ago, Londons Finest said:

Was very easy. The clubs always wanted your money. Just put on a northern accent and got tickets.....They all knew who we were.

Its not BWFC that i was ever worried about ,it was how the local rozzers would react or treat me/us that played on my mind tbh ,and tbh again i dont recall no stress or back handers or size 12+ boots across me back end from any of the police . 

saying that i do recall at Manchester Piccadilly the Police was ramming all the chelsea onto a London bound train and been a tad heavy handed , this was the last train i wanted to be on since i was on the manc Piccadilly to cleethorpes via doncaster ,which was due out in 15 mins a few platforms across > big dope of a jock sargent made it his job to make sure this cockney scum was going to the smoke > it was not untill i pulled my train ticket out that said manc picc > doncaster return when said jock sarge ( with the standard tash and attitude ) barked to me ‘’ why do you support CHELSEA if your from doncaster ???  ‘’ white stripes down the shorts ,northsatnd and Micky Droy officer ‘’ 

i think this wa after that Bolton v cfc game if not it would have been after the 0-1 clive Walker game when a few chelsea were all sat in the seats above Bolton fans in the Manchester Road stand which got a tad tasty 

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