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Man Utd v Chelsea (PL) Sat 24th Oct 2020 17:30 GMT

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Reet for first 10/15 mins I hope that the chelsea players are on and know they are on the pitch and not giving out a performance that shouts out they are all still sat on the team coach > then build from there chaps > fix bayonets > charge 

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Just now, Scott Harris said:

When it comes to United games, he tends to let his emotions get in the way.

I have jumped ship to bein sports with andy gray/ and that hairy pillockkk keys ,and it’s a blast tbh 

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This is the annoying thing with this team..Tiago hits a 30 yard forward pass to James who then plays the ball backwards and the ball ends up with Tiago from where he hit the ball from...we've seen this far to often this season, what is the bloody point; why doesn't James look forward for a change..ffs.

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4 minutes ago, RMH said:

Lampard is obviously giving the two fingers to the whining lot in this forum by not playing Mount! 😅

It’s pretty everyone in soccer who is wondering why Lampard is wasting Pullsic on the right. Mount provides very little threat out wide as he doesn’t have the ability to beat an opponent off the dribble. 

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