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FK Krasnodar v Chelsea (CL) Wed 28th Oct 2020 17:55 GMT

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4 minutes ago, bisright1 said:

I continue to believe our centre backs are world class. 

Probably helps that they've had to practice in a team with no goalkeeper. 

We might have the best defence in england. 

Yeah I wouldnt go that far... Maybe on their best days they can be considered somewhat close to that level, but in general they are nowhere near outside of Silva

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The defensive trend is very positive. Clean sheets against Sevilla, Man U and now Krasnodar is no easy feat! Amazing how much better and more confident we look at the back knowing we have a keeper that can do the basics such as collecting crosses and commanding his area.

Still a work in progress with many areas to improve upon! Positive all around, if I am being honest! Keep this heading in the right direction!

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4-0 great result, equals our best to date that we achieved against Palace.

Cagey first half with a bit of fortune about our goal.

  • Jorgy misses a penalty!
  • Weathered the Ruskies fight back early second where they even hit the cross bar and threatened to put Zouma in a coma.
  • Mendy very good.
  • Chilwell good too.
  • Havertz best game to date for me, coming deep when we could not get the ball out of the U and linking well with the attack.
  • CHO was largely poor for me yet reacted well to put away the important first goal with a snap shot when he wasn’t expecting it back. The keeper also made a mess of it. In the second he was a bit more lively.
  • Ziyech first time for me with a decent spell on the pitch mostly good. Ball watching a bit at times yet also good crossing, Havertz was close twice to having a free header on goal. Only saw him crossing by cutting inside, can he cross on his right? Took his goal well, very good finish.
  • Werner industrious yet little luck. Put away the penalty cleanly. Linked well for Ziyech’s goal.
  • Noticed on an early break and like with Utd Havertz looks for Werner and passes to him yet Werner is already away and misses the pass, strangely think that ball would suit Abraham. 
  • Pulisic took his late goal very well.
  • Abraham did well from the bench lots of running stretching their defense and providing an assist to Pulisic.
  • I haven’t mentioned a lot as did notice anything special or negative just solid I guess.
  • Nice to see Emerson get a few minutes and also see us not sit on a 1-0 lead.

Felt Frank got the subs right to day.

See good times ahead with Pulisic, Ziyech and Havertz with strong attacking attributes.

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7 minutes ago, Nibs said:

I look forward to loadsa stats and graphics proving we know nothing and Jorginho was actually (somehow) MOTM, closely followed by Kovacic!!

Ill grant you Jorgi, but why was Kova bad again this game?

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On 25/10/2020 at 17:42, reparto corse said:

I don't see how we beat Krasnodar on their turf 4 or even 5-0. They are in the CL for a reason and have the 3rd most valuable squad in the Russian League.

You were saying? 'blah blah blah 3rd most valuable squad in the Russian league' did you have to Google or Wiki Krasnodar before this comment? Then come in with your uneducated opinion trying to look clever and knowledgeable...how clever do you feel know? Next time have some faith.

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5 minutes ago, Vagabond said:

Ill grant you Jorgi, but why was Kova bad again this game?

Wouldn't say he was bad, just wouldn't say he was that good either. Just average. To be fair, he's probably a bit rusty and that was his first start for a while.

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