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Newcastle v Chelsea (PL) Sat 21st Nov 2020 12:30 GMT

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Impressive and professional performance. I was a bit concerned when I saw the team sheet, but concern was gone after about 5 minutes. We wasted chances today, but we never let them have a real sniff, and once Tammy finally put one away we were cruising. I don't remember last time we won a game so convincingly at the venue. Zouma really improved his game, he's learnt well from the Master. On the day Silva was not there, Zouma lead the backline well, always a threat in set pieces, and his passing was accurate. Werner is just a machine, sure he missed a few chances but the way he ran into space and left defenders chasing shadow was outstanding, and he was play against a team parked 5 players around the box all game. He was so fast even Tammy couldn't keep up, a couple of times he crossed the ball into the box and Tammy was about 2 yards short. Ziyech is the perfect man unlocking deep defence. Mount is proving his value, and happy for the lad after all the grief he coped over the last 6-12 months. If I have to whinge about something, it's Emerson. He came on for about 5 minutes, and couldn't get in a straight line with the rest of the defenders, almost cost us a goal in the end. If Chiwell is not playing for any reasons, have to play Dave at left back.

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Trying to look at the bigger picture. 

Defence is way better. Mendy is a big big improvement, made more difference than I expected. But generally the defence is better. 
4 3 3 suits us. It’s our trademark style. 
Kante is way more effective playing deeper

The team is still far from finished article but the progress from the start of the season is clear. Well done to management

james has improved out of sight defensively at the cost of not getting right down to the byline, but that’s a trade off I’ll take. 

I guess havertz will play instead of kova or maybe mount. Pulisic might push Tammy out of the team but I don’t see Pulisic playing that often and for mine it could equally be ziyech as Tammy that would move to bench. 6ammy’s doing ok in the box and I think he may do even better if havertz runs into form. 

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10 hours ago, Liam said:

What grief?

Agree, anyone with a football brain can see just what a promising talent Mount is. I did read some moran on social media saying something that he does not dribble with the ball. WTF?
De Bruyne is not renown for his dribbling skills, nor is Kante ...Mount has great passing ability, vision and perhaps most appropriate for the modern game presses when he or his team do not have the ball. Some players just come alive when they have the ball but Mount is always alive, rarely see him just standing still like some other offensive players when the ball is some distance from them.

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A couple of things I missed yesterday yet saw on i-player,

Werner had an earlier attempt at goal almost a carbon copy for our second goal yet Lascelles read it, Lascelles was injured the next time and Werner creates the assist for Tammy.

Encouraging to see Tammy make good contact with his head from a cross just needs more direction.

I also think he is starting to build a relationship with Werner.

I think we missed Silva yesterday, Longstaff hit the crossbar though Mendy was beaten and previously we have been good at charging down shots.

. Also Rudiger had a messy clearance in our box that hit their man and ricocheted back towards him.

I also thought Olly coming on was not so much about scoring goals yet helping to stop Andy Carroll at set pieces. 






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9 hours ago, Strider6003 said:

Where have you been Liam?

A lot of talk here about the Twitter crowd hating Mount and his first team place is about being Lampard's teachers pet project rather than being based on merit.

I think he deserves his place.


I must have them all on ignore. Noone whose opinion I respect could doubt his ability and his importance to our squad. 

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On 21/11/2020 at 15:19, Gol15 said:

It's not that simple now is it? Chilwell often gets the ball when someone is really switching the flank where he has more space, James can be more involved in transition and gaining space.

James had a good game by all means, on both ends of the pitch and that's a fact. He's currently among the top 5 players when it comes to the sheer number of crosses made, sometimes it's beneficial to keep it simple at some areas and keep the ball moving and to win space but James is pretty much a direct player when he gets more forward just like Chilwell.

I watched the first half again...didn't have time for the 2nd half - Based on when we had ball moving forward and the player receiving the ball, James made 11 forward passes against Chillwell's 23, James made 23 back passes against Chillwell's 18, both made 7 sideways passes.  While seemingly it appeared James was forced to play the ball back on several occasions, many times he had the opportunity to play the ball forward but chose the safe option thereby slowing down the flow of us moving forward; many of these back passes were in the oppositions half.   Anyway will be interesting to see how he progresses throughout the season as to whether or not he becomes more adventurous as we know Frank likes to keep the ball moving forward. 

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