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Player Ratings v Arsenal

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So pissed off. The only slight silver lining was my gooner father-in-law not staying with us at Christmas due to COVID but of course he has already been on the phone and my Christmas is ruined just that little bit more so those responsible need to be named and shamed....................


Mendy 4.  A game he will want to forget and he has gone off the boil. Little danger of him losing his place but let's hope he's back to his best soon.

James 5. Instead of causing Arsenal problems as I expected he was found wanting a bit defensively and should never have made that challenge in the box that unfortunately changed the game.

Chilwell 5. Not great today - maybe rushed back? (understandably given the other LB options)

Silva 6. Still our best defender but games catching up with him a bit. 

Zouma 4. Struggled. I like Zouma and he's been okay this season but he's still not the answer to our CB problems.

Kovacic 5. Didn't do too much of any note and no surprise he was subbed early.

Kante 5. Lots of energy as usual but sloppy and the rash tackle which handed Arsenal their second goal.

Mount 6. The pick of the midfielders but was in & out of the game.

Werner 3. Just abysmal. Starting to get seriously concerned of yet another bad buy to add to the very long list.

Abraham 4. Got a goal but just doesn't do enough in other areas. Was hoping he's be subbed for Giroud at half time.

Pulicic 8. Best player by far. Every time he had the ball he caused them problems but couldn't do it on his own.


Jorginho 5. Improved us a bit but still not great and then takes that shameful penalty. Just want him to go now 'cos he's pissing me off.

CHO 6. Did a lot better but still want him to run at defenders more and comit them. HAS to start next game.

Havertz 4. Strange sub and it didn't really work.


Lamps 3. Sorry Frank, you got out=coached again by Arteta. You pick that side and it went badly wrong. MUST start learning from these type of games but don't appear to be. Really hope he can turn this bad form round but the pressure is mounting.

I'm off to drown my sorrows in JD and coke and eat a few KG's of stilton..............................


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Reece James always does the same in every game, he is decent with how good he is getting up and down the pitch but I think the standard has dropped. Azpilicueta might be slower but the guy is only 31yo and in terms of link up with players and finding the pass and creating chances he clearly at the moment still has an edge over James in that aspect and then defensively he obviously is the better option the only issue being not getting caught with the pants down because he will likely get bullied on the pace game. Reece can get better but I knew people were overreacting when he started more games, hopefully he can learn a thing or two from Dave because he clearly has the potential to be one of Englands best RB's that's one positive and another being I like his work ethic always put in a shift unlike some others.

Talking of that kind, Tammy Abraham completely lazy a guy so tall and you would think he would have some ability to hold up the ball but nope terrible at that, bad at aerial duels and finishing with headers (DESPITE BEING 6ft3 or taller) not particularly pacey, poor off ball movement, weak finishing, weak link-up play I can't help but think what Chelsea would have achieved by now if we had a prime Diego Costa upfront... Tammy needs to leave he doesn't fit the system maybe at a smaller club like Brighton he'd do well. He might have got the goal today but he was easily the worst player on the pitch, the only redeeming thing for Werner is he isn't a lazy player who is willing to try Tammy does little of that and expects everything to be put on a silver platter for him, take a look at Harry Kane not exactly the most pacey or athletic guy but his workrate is unquestionable his link up play is great and he can even get back on defensive duty.... We are settling for an English striker who isn't even really better than DCL, Bamford, Rashford and I'm sure you could name more and part of this is all down on Frank who must have some blind allegiance to the guy.

Lampard coming to manage Chelsea is a nice feeling, a complete legend but you cant ignore the glaring issues that he has brought to the club since taking over. Many many key players prior to Lampard taking over suddenly taking a huge dip in form in Kepas case essentially rock bottom. You see these same players who cant do it for Frank (likely poor man management and weak set-up not suiting them) suddenly going on national duty and looking competent and in Werners case looking like the player of RB Leipzig standard. The club can't expect to spend £200 millions worth on high end prospects for Lampard to not use them in their appropriate position and for him to not get the best out of them. Lampard has no more excuses anymore whether he wanted that cash splurge or not its not excusable.

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@Keitha313 I also don't think Tammy is EPL standard yet with a transfer ban last season performed adequately yet over time looks awkward with a limited skill set I think is unlikely to improve and you are correct to say DLC is superior. Our other striker Giroud is a far better finisher yet has limited movement. Then there is Werner who maybe is the answer if he is given a run in the CF role.

I agree with a finisher like Costa we would be much better. 

I don't think Kai will deliver for us this season maybe next season though I 'm not sure if he can operate in the pace of the premier league. 

Lampard was a stop gap manager while we had a transfer ban and is currently struggling yet other managers have struggled during the winter months and turned things around. 

My main criticism of Frank is he rarely makes match winning substitutions as though he cannot read a game during the match. 

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