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Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sun 3rd Jan 2021 16:30 GMT


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2 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

I’ve worked out our tactics for attacking - give ball to Pulisic, stand and watch him try to do it all on his own. 

That’s called the Hazard. Got us out of jail for years!

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1 minute ago, driller97 said:

The cause of all our problems is our garbage midfield. No creativity whatsoever and all those 3 bums can do is just pass side to side. Mount, Kante and Kovacic all need to leave the club

I wouldn’t say it’s comprehensive but indeed our midfield is a major issue. Can’t defend or attack. I include Mount in this. 

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1 minute ago, sonic90 said:

We've changed up the usual slow build up and safe play for quick and dangerous passing, it was perhaps something new to try to up our form but it's backfired massively, certainly not the game to experiment with.

It’s a sign of immaturity from Frank. When you’re off form the last thing you should do is go out all guns blazing against man city.

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1 minute ago, bisright1 said:

Realistically because any incoming manager needs to feel we'd give a manager the time to implement their team and ideas. If we finish 14th, then no manager in the world will blame the board for us sacking Lampard. If we sack Lampard in January after one months bad form, it raises questions on whether the board was too rash.

Sacking Lampard in January continues the (becoming unfair) theme that we are a club who fires their managers quickly and doesn't give them time. Something we didn't do with Sarri because he quit 

I specifically said salvage though. That means temporary, what are our chances right now of getting top 4 under Frank currently? f**king nitto I say. But a caretaker manager we could actually salvage something, we've done it before a few times at this club and its worked. Then in the summer we press on for a good manager to take us somewhere. If we stick with Frank the likelihood is we are finshing midtable at best. 

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Watching City play today is like watching a hot knife slice through butter.

Frank has to take the blame for this current situation. The lack of investment in defence coupled with the continual inwards flow of attacking players has left the team totally imbalanced. Silva is ready for his pension so he's only useful for a season. Chilwell is a good addition but after that, we're lacking strength at the back. The jury is still out on Mendy and I think he should stop the second goal today.

This could easily end up 5-0 or 6-0.

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2 minutes ago, Overherewa said:

So point me in the direction of when he’s had a good game ? Don’t tell me last season as I’ll end up laughing at you again . From the midfield to the forwards we are way to lightweight and small . Pulisic is just not cut out for the premier league . But for some very strange reason the media keep blowing his trumpet . I have been saying for weeks how he keeps being caught with the ball doing the exact same thing over and over again . Your excuse that it’s because he’s American is the same excuse we could have about mount ? Mount was the best midfielder for us that half but he’s too lightweight and his midfield partners are too . Our midfield is dreadful and zouma at the back would struggle to get into a championship team . If you are going g to play a 3 man midfield you need energy and strength we have the energy but not he strength . Billy gilmour won’t help with that .  

He's not playing well right now, but putting the blame on him is f**king stupid. This is the first time Pulisic has had a run of bad form since he joined the club, the others have had these dips in form multiple times now. Criticising his performances is fine, but to point the finger at him and say he is the main problem just says to me that you have a personal problem with him.

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