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Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sun 3rd Jan 2021 16:30 GMT

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2 minutes ago, driller97 said:

The cause of all our problems is our garbage midfield. No creativity whatsoever and all those 3 bums can do is just pass side to side. Mount, Kante and Kovacic all need to leave the club

Been garbage since last season.....don't see it improving anytime soon unless we spend more money.

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1 minute ago, Scott Harris said:

He's not playing well right now, but putting the blame on him is f**king stupid. This is the first time Pulisic has had a run of bad form since he joined the club, the others have had these dips in form multiple times now. Criticising his performances is fine, but to point the finger at him and say he is the main problem just says to me that you have a personal problem with him.

As I said draw the correlation . Look at our form and look what changed . Zyeich got injured and pulisic came in . It’s not rocket science . 

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14 minutes ago, jack h said:

I don't disagree with how serious and concerning our poor form is, what annoys me is that some seem desperate to stick the boot into Frank. He deserves time to sort this out, he's making some mistakes definitely but it's time for the players to step up and take responsibility, the manager isn't responsible for players making basic errors constantly.

Trust me I take less than zero pleasure in this infact it hurts me big time to say this but I just can't see anyway that this gets turned around, even Conte's last few months wasn't this bad. Patience is all well and good if the projected end product is something you want to see but what end product are we building towards here? If the performances were still promising despite the rut I'd keep cool but following us atm feels like a chore and that's not a good thing especially in these times.

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Just now, Overherewa said:

As I said draw the correlation . Look at our form and look what changed . Zyeich got injured and pulisic came in . It’s not rocket science . 

You and rocket science don’t belong in any sentence together after seeing your “expert” analysis 

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11 minutes ago, Sindre said:

Ziyech is good but he's also incredibly predictable. Everyone and their dog know he's going to cut in on his left and look for the pass on the far side. Teams are figuring that out obviously.

Ziyech has been one of the bright spots this season but he shouldn't have started today and you have to feel sorry for CHO.


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