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Fulham v Chelsea (PL) Sat 16th Jan 2021 17:30 GMT


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9 minutes ago, Nibs said:

Now they are down to 10 men hope Lamps is really positive and takes off Kovacic or Jorginho (maybe both) and throws on CHO.

Lets ATTACK them FFS. We did okay but we still look like we lack a goal threat.

Half-time changes then really go for it as Fulham will now settle for the draw.

I would wait a bit into the second half but agree on the changes.

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3 minutes ago, rtwelch said:

Shock. We play Jorginho and we’re dull as f**k. The rest should be slated just as much

At least when he starts the game we are not 2:NIL down at half time...

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1 minute ago, rtwelch said:

Shock. We play Jorginho and we’re dull as f**k. The rest should be slated just as much

We’ve been playing dull far longer than Jorginho came back into the team. Jorginho hasn’t done much for the team this season but the Jorginho blame game is getting old at this point and missing the bigger picture that the football lamps  is letting the team play is what is actually dull.

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27 minutes ago, The Brit said:

Came on here to say the same. There were a few games during the unbeaten run - like at Burnley and home to leeds - where you could see the team going in positive direction. 
but last six weeks not only have results been poor but I watch the team wondering what the difference is between this chelsea and sarri’s (minus hazard). Having Jorginho and Kovacic on the pitch doesn’t help. Doing nothing as always.

I think the only difference between this and Sarris Chelsea was that 'style' of football had a name, not sure Frank will be rushing to call this Lampardball anytime soon.... I would love to know what the vision is that all of these transfers clearly bought into when they moved here. 

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Everyone keep saying this is going to be hard wtf are you talking about we spent £200 million we should be putting Fulham to the sword this is really non-negotiable anything less that a comfortable 0-3 win should be unacceptable Fulham played midway also.

No excuses here win put them to the sword.

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3 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

I don't think it's a case of players not playing for the coach. I actually think it's more to do with how Lampard sets them up tactically. We are predictable, lack creativity in midfield and just rely on crosses into the box. 

We just don't seem to be playing to the players strengths.

Formation and tactics play a part, but strolling around, passing it slowly, not pressing is an indication of basic attitude and desire. Something that’s been lacking for weeks.

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