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Chelsea v Wolves (PL) Wed 27th Jan 2021 18:00 GMT


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We might have had a chance of winning tonight had we started with Mount. As I feared the midfield was one-paced and totally predictable. At this stage it looks like a season of midtable with perhaps some excitement in the cup if the players can be bothered.

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1 minute ago, Slojo said:

Game picked up a lot when Mount came on. CHO was fantastic. 

But f**k me, what a boring game that was, jesus christ...

Hudson-Odoi was probably the best of the bunch, but he was a long way away from Fantastic. 

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It's gonna take a few games to see what the plan is. From what I can take away from that game is that Callum looked bright and I wish thiago silva was 5 years younger and he was with us for a long time. Comfortably one of the best cbs in the world even at his age. 

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Just now, EdinburghBlue said:

That was pish, Tuchel will be realising he has his work cut out after that.

Big mental block in this side at the moment, they're not playing well together anymore, no enough runs, barely any risk taking or creativity. 

I'm praying Tuchel sorts something out and gets us on a good run, needs to be soon though. 

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Sometimes in football you get what you deserve, leaving Mount out was criminal

Callum had a good game

We are the masters at passing 3yds sideways and back

The way Jorginho held his face and pretended to be dead after being shoved was world class

At least we didn't lose for Tommys first game


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7 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

When Jorginho starts the game we're not 2 goals behind after 30 minutes at least.

Youre delusional. Jorginho shouldnt be anywhere near the starting 11, apart from domestic cup games or if we have several injuries.

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1 minute ago, ForeverCarefree said:

My big take away from this game was Jorginho starting ahead of Mason Mount is a crime against football. 

Jorginho starting before ANY of our players is a crime against football. He is the ultimate "one trick" pony and suck it up because he is going to be getting loads of pitch time with Tommy Tactics in charge. Wouldn't be at all surprised if he makes him Captain.

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