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Good Luck Frank


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Just now, Valerie said:

You think they found a horse's head in their beds and suddenly became sort of reasonable :ohmy: ?

Could be, after all the first big Y there is after Conte had a backslick and the FA Cup trophy in his hands :Laie_37:

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1 hour ago, Strider6003 said:

From Rodgers,


Class act from Rodgers.

Needless to say, gutted how it ended for Frank. I think he has the intelligence to become a top manager, but it was just too early for him. Hope he comes back one day with something to show for... feel like this is inevitable tbh, unless he completely flops as a manager. If he goes back to his level, which is probably Championship or lower- to mid-table EPL and works his way up, I can see him back in 5-10 years a la Mourinho. The fact that Roman put out a personal statement shows how highly he regards him.

Excited to see what job he takes on next, whatever it is it'll be my temporary 2nd favourite club. 😄 

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6 hours ago, saintquin said:

Should have been giving longer in my opinion. That's the problem with the so called "bigger" clubs. Every manager needs around 2 to 3 years before they can get near to a squad of their choosing. The bigger clubs give less than the lower to mid table clubs in general I think!  

Just wait until we come knocking for your manager, Ralph Rabbithutch. 

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15 hours ago, Munkworth said:

Just wait until we come knocking for your manager, Ralph Rabbithutch. 

I honestly don't think he'd get the job with you even if he wanted it.

I just don't think he'd suit with what Abramovich wants. Hopefully!

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