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Chelsea v Burnley (PL) Sun 31st Jan 2021 12:00 GMT

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Just now, Jezz said:

A lot of attention is rightfully on Mount and CHO, but Thiago Silva was brilliant as well.

Hes brilliant to watch, I wish we could get back into games as I'd love to see him in the flesh in our defence. Best defender we've had since JT, just makes it look so easy.

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5 minutes ago, Sheva said:

They have just come off with 2 wins against villa and Liverpool. It maybe Burnley but it was pretty impressive how we dominated them like that. 

We are Burnley's bogey team. They haven't won against us for 5 odd games now

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4 minutes ago, charierre said:

Good performance, being picky we should win by a lot more

Mason and Callum lead the way, good understanding

Exceptional awareness from Callum for the 1st goal

Brilliant finish by Alonso

Dominant second half 

Werner can't buy a goal, at least he isn't hiding and getting into some good positions

Now to beat Spuds, a requirement for a successful on any Chelsea coach

This for me is the sign of a guy down on his luck, so long as he keeps his chin above the water he'll get there in the end. Just needs to keep grafting and it'll come. 

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Just now, coco said:

We beat them away 3-0 already.

We are currently a team out of form finding our way under a new manager and they have just come off two big wins against villa and Liverpool full of confidence and they didnt have a sniff. 

It was an impressive dominate performance. 

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Miles better in every way, one has to admit. Subbing arguably our two best performers was maybe controversial but I get the rationale. Nailed on starters ex-Mendy assuming we keep this formation: 

Silva (if fit), Kova, Azpi, Mount, CHO (James breathing down his neck maybe?). Pulisic?. Not convinced by Rudiger and would prefer Zouma or even Christensen. Will we see Kante come in for Jorginho (I’m not a hater just asking the question)? Werner optically awful but a lot of it may be down to confidence. I haven’t given up on him. Alonso over Chilwell tilll proven otherwise?

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Just now, Sexyfootball said:

Not quite ... Azpi was playing at centre back ... making it all the more incredible that he popped up where he did !

It's good that he felt comfortable to make that run, I'm hoping it was an instruction from the coach as it shows good flexibility and allowance for what's happening on the pitch rather that rigidly sticking to a structure.

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Just now, Browerkid said:

First half we were subpar, especially finishing...2nd half I thought we were electric.  Pulisic gave us a spark and it's the best he has looked in awhile.  

Yeah he looked lively. His finishing/final ball is still just a bit off but I think he’s done enough to start against Spurs. Should be ahead of Ziyech/Werner/Havertz in the pecking order at the moment.

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