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Sheff Utd v Chelsea (PL) Sun 7th Feb 2021 19:15 GMT

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3 minutes ago, CFCCAN said:

Yep...not going anywhere at this rate, being bullied and harassed all over the park; Jorghino is having a mare so far.

Jorginho being brushed aside several times, not good to see.

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2 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

We always look so ordinary when teams step up on us. We can't deal with it, and we haven't been able to deal with it for years now. This team is too soft.

Certainly since this bullsh*t nonsense of playing out from the back became the norm; we've never really mastered it with the players we've had  in recent years.

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1 minute ago, Scott Harris said:

Jorginho sucks in high intesity games. This is why he looked so good in Serie A, because it's very rare to have these types of games in Italy.

Agreed. But we cannot be surprised that we are facing this style today. Its not as though the coaching staff have no chances to watch Sheffield United games, and they are fighting for every point right now.

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2 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

We haven't lost with him in the starting lineup for 15+ games, Italy as well for that matter... Not sure how it turns out according to you though :laugh2:

Jorginho was only wheeled out by Frank for the easier games, your boy is nothing more than a stat padder :laugh2:


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How more many times does Dave and James need to float the ball in from the right when just inside the Sheffield half, when Werner and Giroud and running behind the defence...they've constantly ignored the opportunities and instead played it sideways or backwards....

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Since I've been watching Tuchel's teams in Germany I like the fact his teams always seem to be able to switch between 3-5-2, 4-4-2 and 4-3-3... combined with the fact he seems to make young players better; I do rate him a highly. 

But! Tuchel seems to be going with this 3-5-2 (5-3-2 basically) as his preferred system. That makes me a bit nervous. If he insists on playing Jorginho and Kovacic, where do we put Ziyech, Pulicic, Mount and Havertz? That's almost all the creativity we have. If he plays CHO as a wing back, there's no place for Reece. Kante and Tammy will probably get there minutes in this system, but it feels like a waste of a lot of talent. 

What do you guys think?! 

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