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Chelsea v Newcastle (PL) Mon 15th Feb 2021 20:00 GMT

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1 minute ago, Argo said:

Looking at the bigger picture the best result for us tonight is probably a crazy 5-4 win.

Steve Bruce ain't that bold....he'll play the typical low block and hope to get something on the counter.

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4 minutes ago, Argo said:

Just like Torres again, all this false hope.

He's rubbish and just like with Torres we will never properly move on as a club until we accept it and take the L on the chin.

100% correct

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1 minute ago, Imran_CFC said:

Wouldn't be surprised if Brucey takes Gayle off after 5 minutes for Carroll. 

Might as well play them both. Great chance to get confidence in to sh*t strikers? Maybe Werner needs to practice against Kepa more at Cobham!

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24 minutes ago, 2211 said:

I really hope this move has nothing to with any upstairs politics.

It must do! Truly, I don’t believe any manager in the world would choose him for a premier league game if it’s down to them. 

Suspect they’ve said try and raise Kepa’s stock a bit and he assumes this’ll be an easy game.

I almost want kepa to f**k up so tuchel can say I tried but kepa is broken!

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It’s just an ingenious plot by TT to draw the barcodes out.

They have travelled down with only one thought in their head; park the bus.

team sheet comes out and Bruce decides that maybe we can win this boys, let’s open up and attack.

In step Tammy and Werner with a brace apiece by making runs in behind the high line.

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16 minutes ago, nonotnowjim said:

Reckon it was inevitable that kepa gets another chance. I don't blame the board for wanting their record investment to be protected.

From a footballing position it is madness though!

Kinda hoped Roman had learnt his lessons from the Torres fiasco. At lot of parallels here.

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3 minutes ago, rocker_joker said:

TT doesn't look like a man who would shoot himself in the foot. So far his selections have been more or less spot on. Let's see how this one features today. 

I would agree but no matter how you slice it, this seems like an unnecessary risk.  

Ceiling - Kepa is suddenly now everything Chelsea thought they were getting when they bought him.  At that level Kepa is maybe a bit better than Mendy?  

Floor - Kepa gives up 2 boneheaded goals before halftime.  

Why roll the dice??

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