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Chelsea v Man Utd (PL) Sun 28th Feb 2021 16:30 GMT

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Stick to the back 3, change it to a back 4 with T.Silva in the starting lineup against Liverpool - This is the way to go.

VS Atletico play Kante instead of Jorginho and Pulisic instead of Mount - alternatives if it doesn't work out we will be trailing so put in Havertz instead of Kante and play Kovacic deeper.

We can win vs Man United and Atletico, vs Liverpool we need a whole lot to go our way though, specially if Tuchel doesn't change the formation.

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It will be interesting to see how Tommy T sets us up against Utd, he already knows what they can do from last season and he knows about new boy Cavani.

I think Zouma instead of Azpi re pace would be a good move.

I would keep CHO instead of James at least to start. James's concentration and his liability to give away free-kicks near our box concerns me.

I would also keep Werner as his workrate against Utd's backs could reap benefits.

I don't think Tommy T will man mark Fernandes and I agree he is their danger man. 

Also prefer Alonso as more two-footed than Chilwell though would need cover defensively when playing more forward.

We need a plan defensively for Utd breaking on our attacking corners not Jorgy on the halfway line. 

I think a draw tomorrow, expect Utd will get lucky against the run of play. 


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21 minutes ago, Ballack & Blu said:

Get Kante to Marshall Fernandes, Werner to play through the middle, or in two with Giroud on the shoulder of Maguire or Lindelof, Cho v Shaw will be intriguing, Christensen  over zoom, play 3-5-2....

Shaw will probably blatantly kick CHO, I saw him do it re the Saints and was shocked nothing was given.

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Doubt if he'll change a winning team....Zouma for me of late plays far too many sideways / back passes...guaranteed we will get pressed to death tomorrow so I'd rather see Mendy and the rest of the defence keep hitting the long balls over the top of the press and by- pass the midfield rather than pissing around trying to play out from the back. 

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I’ve grown to hate these c**ts literally more than anyone I want a utd scalp how have we been done so many times by these sausages in recent times, we need to lay down a statement here we should be fighting for 2nd not 4th. 

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5 hours ago, Spiller86 said:

Nah we had good performances but we rarely won. FA Cup final against Arsenal comes to mind also.

We did very well in general, lost pool twice but was in the game both times.won 1 lost 1 against city.

That FA cup final was all about us not having willian and kante, two key player that we have no replacement. No kante mean no midfied protection aka bellerin running free at our defender. No Willian mean we keep losing the ball up high.

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United have poor results vs top 6 - think they’ve only scored once in the Prem against them. Ole obviously plays it safe, especially away from home. They will look to sit back and counter. 

Normally the key to stopping united is stopping Bruno so let’s man mark him. 

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14 hours ago, goose said:

That decision not to award a penalty to us the last game still really gnaws at me.

Surely we’ll get justice tomorrow. Think we’ll win 3-1.

Haven't scored 3 goals in league game since end of December but like the optimism 

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We are more than capable of scoring, we just need to click more in the final third and inject more creativity in the team. I would play Mount, Kovacic and Havertz as the three in midfield.

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