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Liverpool v Chelsea (PL) Thur 4th Mar 2021 20:15 GMT

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1 minute ago, just said:

Absolutely. Long ball buffett.

 Now I understand why they have been losing lately. It is so easy, trent can't defend, thiago can't defend, curtis jones can't defend, Fabinho look like  coming back from injury, kabak is very slow. 

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1 minute ago, TheGermanOne said:

Well, with a VAR who is not judging the elbow to be offside it would be 2-0

Strictly speaking, no as the course of the game would have been altered had the first goal been allowed. I’m generally not pedantic, but about this I am... I can’t help it. It drives me batty!

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2 minutes ago, Brutos said:

I said Tuchel could possibly have the same impact Jose had on Lampard turn him from good into Great!!!

I think Mount has improved a lot this season in general, have to give a lot of props to Lamps for believing in him, he must have saw his potential. 

And some will call me bias but I think Mount has been at his best over the past 6-7 weeks, best I've ever seen him. 

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Mason f**king Mount, what a goal!

We have played some good football, our counter attacks are pretty good, also our possession has a lot of confidence. Christensen never knew how to run the ball like he did in the first half, our most shaky player with the ball is Kante, but I don't mind because his defensive work is excellent.

Our attacking trio is good, Werner deserves to score, and Mount is simply running our team. Ziyech is trying, he's trying to prove himself but he needs to stay more on his feet, be more physical. 

The team looks good, if we can double our score and keep it clean sheet, I'd more than thankful. Liverpool really lacking a lot of things, but I can't remove them from the game, they still have quality. We have to be careful with Mane, he's diving a lot and referee is not buying it so far, but he might get some in the second half. 


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Just now, Malta Blue said:

We have a clean sheet at HT, thank god we have Jorghinio on....surprised GOL didn't point this out

Think Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

He was banned. Though this is the perfect game for him to say I told you so to a lot of people here

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1 minute ago, rocker_joker said:

Ziyech should be off at HT and either Havertz or Puli should be in.  

He hasn’t really been involved at all. 

i would get pulisic on just for his pace in breaking the high line 

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A few disjointed (not entirely sober) thoughts:

- I reckon the VAR boys have a few giro cheques in their pockets tonight - that offside was complete nonsense

- I hope Jorginho was taking notes from N'golesc Kantbregas (although I think Jorginho has been decent)

- Werner has been his usual combination of irresistible and useless (although he did score a perfectly legal goal)

- We have been the better team

- Mason Mount - what a f**king man - took the game by the scruff of the neck and put us ahead (again) - Stevie Me eat your heart out.


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2 minutes ago, PloKoon13 said:

I hope Jorginho was taking notes from N'golesc Kantbregas (although I think Jorginho has been decent)

It was Jorginho who played Werner in for that offside goal, and it was a great one, if it wasn't for the bogus offside decision that would've been his assist. 

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