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Liverpool v Chelsea (PL) Thur 4th Mar 2021 20:15 GMT


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Just now, Scott Harris said:

Reminds me of his last season at Dortmund. They were found out, he didn't do anything to change things and they finished 7th.

Agree, although in fairness, he was losing a lot of his best players at the time, I felt sorry for him. But Tuchel clearly shown that Dortmund had quality and immediately turned them around. 

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Good results due to team and individual effort, due to good game plan and focus on job description.

TT has restored confidence and calm rational thinking of many players and we can build further from there, fine-tuning game and execution.

Couple of sharp tolls upfront, and we can dream big again.

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2 minutes ago, PloKoon13 said:

Probably should have taken a sh*t before the match, rather than hoping it would sort itself out while (in the wise words of Stan Valchek) "my asshole must be so tight, you couldn't pull a pin from it with a John Deere tractor."


Did they get a shot on target out of interest?

not until the 80th minute

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5 hours ago, axman2526 said:

How do you know that? Like you shop for that stuff anywhere other than Harrods Yorkley lol.

My man says that something called "Morrisons" is "within a sensible distance" and the hoi-poloi have apparently "discovered" Waitrose.

I thought that the only reason for Sainsbury's was to keep the riff-raff out of Waitrose, but, apparently, was wrong.

(please note the correct punctation!)

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Mount confirming he did a Kamehameha, nice.

Most entertaining performance I've seen in a while (aside from the inevitable hard defence for the last 15 mins). Beating Liverpool is always great.

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7 minutes ago, Slojo said:

Some great performances today I thought, even Werner. 

Liverpool played right into Werners hands.

I do think this is the only way we will get the best out of him and it's the reason why Liverpool wanted him so badly. He needs balls played quickly, he needs something to run on to. We all know he is going to miss chances, but if we can get his confidence in front of goal back up again, he will start taking most of them.

Werner would have loved playing with Fabregas. 

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12 minutes ago, Carloseyebrow said:

Let alone the result, the best team performance since he took over. We looked forward so much more than before. 

Some of our passing was sensational.

Hats off to all of our staff, players and Tuchel.

I agree - although the Atletico match comes pretty close - although I‘d say that even when the results and especially the playstyle can eventually be partially discussed: the work rate / teameffort and teamplay was imho always top notch. 

Anyway, lovely evening. Well deserved

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Great performance by Christensen MOTM, Mount, Kante. 
The back three were all great.

Still have problems up front though. Werner is worth his place for his sheer hard work and the way he puts fear in defenders, hopefully he starts scoring soon.

Ziyech and Pulisic have been total sh*t. Would like to see Kai given a start.

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1 hour ago, Strider6003 said:

Shame we don't have a sin bin for some posters really think Gol could have done with a two week suspension rather than an outright ban. :smile:

Agreed. Does anyone know what he is meant to have done that was a banning offence?

I know he was an argumentative twat at times (I myself was arguing with him recently!), but you cant say he wasnt consistent in his views or dedicated to this forum.

Not for me to tell the admins how to do their job, but genuinely interested in what his "crime" was to bring about a ban.

Any ideas?

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7 minutes ago, charierre said:

Ash really singing Mounts praises. He could be his Dad

I thought it was established last season that Frank Lampard is his Dad?

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