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Chelsea v Everton (PL) Mon 8th Mar 2021 18:00 GMT

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Another game where we have dominated but also looking brilliant in attack. Havertz best game in a Chelsea shirt, league wise. Was top class. Played a major part in both goals. Christensen, another dominant performance. Another clean sheet. Everton were so bad but I think it is one of the games where we were just too goo and could not handle our dominance. Everton have been really good going into today's game but we did not give them a sniff. Werner being really unlucky again. Just feels scoring wise he is cursed, but he is really contributing and I like him in the team. Whole team was brilliant. Jorginho in the middle of the park controlled that game. I look at our fixtures and on paper the only game really you expect us to lose is City, so I firmly expect us to get top 4. Well done Tuchel, well done players 👏

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A good night a blue night as we go marching on and balanced both sides of Merseyside they are now both pissed off!

Tommy Tactics gets it right again and outsmarts Carlo on the night, respect to TT.

There were a lot of good performances tonight.

  • The pivot was back with Kova and Jorginho working well to keep us moving forward. Kova made a good pass to Havertz and Jorgy good one to Werner.
  • Jorgy did give away a freekick in the first on the edge of the box yet we defended well.
  • Christensen was largely very good, the odd moment in the first with Jorgy where it almost got messy and in the 2nd he should have blasted the ball upfield when being closed down.
  • Zouma was very strong tonight and also had good bursts forward in the first to help give our attackers space.
  • James was very good defensively and did not get out muscled. There are times when he has so much space inside I wonder why he does not take yet instead he passed back. Good though on one occasion to see him have the shot.
  • Alonso was very good today both defensively and offensively. Got an assist for the first goal with a quick cross onto Havertz's toes. Also set pieces not quite perfect but dangerous enough to win us corners. Did well to win us freekicks from fouls too.
  • Havertz played well the best so far. Linked well with Werner and his work rate was better than anything to date. The goal had a slice of fortune though the penalty was well won.
  • We have seen glimpses today of what he might become and it looks good.
  • Werner good movement just poor finishing.
  • CHO played well and again possibly his best performance, worked well with Alkonso and put in some good crosses, also involved in the build up to the first goal.
  • Mendy - solid and made no errors
  • Subs all added to the tempo.

Back to 4th off the shoulder of the Foxes, KTBFFH 






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Very good performance. Negated their counter well. Havertz and Alonso particularly good going forward.

Only criticism was that we wasted a few chances at the end to really put the game to bed. Werner, Mount and Kante all guilty.

Onwards with a 4 point gap to 5th! Two games in this big run to go. Bin Dirty Leeds on the weekend and then hold off Atleti and I'd say we'd had a pretty solid couple of months!

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1 minute ago, acidicleo said:

Will Christensen be be benched for thiago?

He shouldn’t be. 
when Zouma went down I was actually guttted he never came off because I would liked to have seen Christiansen and Silva play together for 20mins 

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1 minute ago, turnyitb said:

He shouldn’t be. 
when Zouma went down I was actually guttted he never came off because I would liked to have seen Christiansen and Silva play together for 20mins 

You were gutted Zouma wasn't injured? Perhaps you may want to rephrase. Guy has had terrible knee injuries. I felt sick for 5 minutes after he went down.

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Hmm...I came with a  theory of why Werner is not scoring. Some of our competitors were so afraid of Werner scoring shi... loads of goals for us that they did some voodoo number of him. Do you remember that game when Werner was on the line needing just to blow some air on the ball to push it in the net somehow magically pulled the ball out of the certain goal. As many replies as there were on that particular incident no one could actually explain how the hack that was physically possible 🙂.

Else, how can u explain a player banging goals for fun can barely hit a barn door. Tuchel improved every player in team drastically except Werner. Wonder why? now you know why. So... if anyone knows some people who can help Werner with his voodoo predicament please do so. Do it for Chelsea! 

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21 minutes ago, Sexyfootball said:

Timo just needs a bit of luck ... a perfect hat trick next up against Atletico would do ... one off his knee, one off his arse and one off his shoulder  🙂

I do think a Timo hat trick is incoming 

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