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Champions League Quarterfinal & Semifinal draw

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8 minutes ago, dansubrosa said:

Pretty sure Atletico put in a written request, Porto probably need to do the same.

I searched now for that episode and found the UEFA position:
'The integrity of sporting competition is a fundamental principle for UEFA. Both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA disciplinary regulations contain clear provisions which strictly forbid any club to exert, or attempt to exert, any influence whatsoever over the players that another club may (or may not) field in a match.

'It follows that any provision in a private contract between clubs which might function in such a way as to influence who a club fields in a match is null, void and unenforceable so far as UEFA is concerned.

'Furthermore, any attempt to enforce such a provision would be a clear violation of both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA disciplinary regulations and would therefore be sanctioned accordingly.'

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23 minutes ago, Zaphod2319 said:

538 odds on winning the CL pre-draw vs post-draw:

Manchester City: 37% -> 38%
Chelsea: 13% -> 18%
Bayern: 17% -> 15%
Liverpool: 11% -> 11%
Real Madrid: 11% -> 10%
PSG: 5% -> 4%
Dortmund: 5% - 4%
Porto: 1% -> 1%

Surely we can't be 2nd favorites

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Very good draw. Avoid PSG, Bayern and City. I don't think we will have big problems with Porto, I hope we don't have injuries. However, I am afraid of Real Madrid, they have players with extraordinary experience in UCL and they have the habit to get in the best shape towards the end of the season.

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27 minutes ago, dansubrosa said:

Mehdi Teremi and Marcano. Teremi is their main ST and I think Marcano is their main CB alongside Pepe.

Teremi is suspended and Marcano is injured.

I thought that it was Marega their main forward. At least it was last season, and he's played both games against Juve if I remember correctly. But I think they play a 442 mostly with Teremi and Marega up front. However, if they use one striker, it's been Marega mostly.

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50 minutes ago, Valerie said:

Can our loanee Malang Sarr play against us?

If I recall the courtois case , Uefa said we didn't have the authority to make him not play us since the loan rules don't apply in UCL.

The decision was given to courtois and of course the  🐍 said he wanted to play against us. 

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Not quite a perfect draw for me. Much rather we got Madrid first so we can be sure the glamour tie, as I expect if we win our tie they will lose theirs.

Semi draw would be perfect if we swap 3 of the quarter ties


Real vs Chelsea

Dortmund vs Porto

City vs Liverpool


Though there are no easy ties at this stage and I expect a hard game from Porto.

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32 minutes ago, Ballack & Blu said:

that's the Very best we could of Expected, if we get through that, then its on, no one gave us a prayer in 2012

You are right , all except Gary Neville and his “it’s written in the stars” outburst !!!

What a draw - it’s all got to be won yet, but what an opportunity! 

Tell you what , how about v PSG in the final ? 

TT and TS achieving with Chelsea what they couldn’t with the french outfit - maybe it really is  written in the stars ?



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Is the semi-final over two legs or just one this year? Tuchel said only 4 games left?


Anyway, on current form I'd say we're favourites to reach the final, then would be big underdogs against any of City, PSG, Bayern? Will be interesting to see how we get on at the Etihad between now and then.



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Porto aren't to be taken lightly given they just tossed out Juve who have a much better squad than us.

They are I think quite a similar team to Atleti, which means the Tuchel style matches up well against them.

Hoping for a Hazard homecoming in the semi if we both make it that far. Shame that there will be no fans. He'd get. A rousing reception at the Bridge.

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Well as soon as i saw the draw i immediately thought....FINAL.....ok anything can happen but on chelseas day we can do porto,and for some reason my weird thoughts are we can pip real....oh well , the next few weeks with this, the fa cup, and top 2, should be exciting....giving blues fans plenty of hope

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6 minutes ago, Valerie said:

While there are tougher teams in the draw, all this optimism scares me to death :panicbutton:. Then again I think a friendly against the pub team from Nowhere Town would be a banana skin game...


I am completely with you, I agree the draw is favorable but this is the CL,  any odd sh*t can happen, dodgy ref for example.  

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As a portuguese Chelsea fan and Porto hater I was praying for us not to draw Porto, simply because I won´t get any peace over here 😅

But it's the best that could happen to Chelsea, Porto was lucky to face such a poorly Juventus side. In the league they are 10 points behind the first place.


Oh and Porto fans thinking they won the lottery with this draw 🤣🤣 I can't wait

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