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Chelsea v WBA (PL) SAT 3rd Apr 2021 12:30 GMT

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2 minutes ago, big blue said:

Jorginho has been an absolute liability. Azpi and zouma and Kovacic  mot great either.

but the decisions in that first half have really wound me up. 1st yellow, barely touched him, borderline whether it was a foul.

Pulisic brought down cynically for the free kick with lead to the goal. No yellow.

Thiago silva second yellow for what was barely even a challenge, when you compare the level of contact to werner getting hit after the cross about 10 minutes earlier, it is absolutely mind blowing how one deemed no foul, and the others second yellow. 

Borderline ovrebo levels of incompetence. 

David Coote shouldn't be a ref at this level, or any level of football. His VAR decisions should have been enough to get him sent down to the lower leagues at least. This goes back to last season too when he didn't send the Tottenham player off for a stamp on Azpilicueta, but then admitted 10 minutes later that he got it wrong. There was also the Pickford incident that Van Dyke died  got injured from and the game where he overturned a clear penalty for West Brom against United.

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1 minute ago, Carloseyebrow said:

I agree with all comments regarding Tuchel and his selection.

Jorginho looked shaky from the start, and we should have hooked Alonso as soon as we went down to 10.

I do believe we can get something from the game though. Time for all the players to show their heart and desire now.

Winning this game is doable providing nobody makes idiotic mistakes.  Clearly Jorgi had only a couple of hours of sleep (if any at all), and his brain function is dormant, he should have been replaced after the very first f**k up.

Lets see how panic-proof we are under Tuchel and if we can show professional cool-headed attitude to complete the job.

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Truth is this has been a long time coming. People keep praising our squad depth but really we have a lot of players who give 6/10 performances and rarely any more.

Jorginho, Kepa, Alonso, CHO and Tammy are not good enough to be starting for Chelsea and the summer signings haven’t set the world alight either.

How Jorginho is still on the park after that first 45 I will never know.

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8 minutes ago, enigma said:

Why focus so much on the CL for next week when we aren't winning it. We need to make top four. Dumb decision to rest players considering Mount never even played mid week. 

Now to win CL might be the only chanc e to play CL next season. 

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Just now, Valpo said:

Wait Mount replaces Pulisic and Jorginiho stays in?


Tuchel what is wrong with you man??

What a stupid decision. We need to win the game and he's taking off an attacker and leaving on a player that has been god awful throughout. Could you imagine if that was Hudson-Odoi or any other young player putting in that kind of performance? 

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4 minutes ago, BluesPower said:

Why Pulisic off?

Bc everyone knows that when you’re down a goal and have a central midfielder playing like sh*t you take off one of your attackers for another central midfielder and leave the black hole in the middle of your squad. 

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