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I've always been of the view that I'd rather lose a semi than a final so on that basis I'm glad we are getting the best team in the tournament.

Although that said if we beat them then lose the final nothing would be worse, beating 3 of our fellow top 5 only to lose to that Arsenal side in the final was beyond annoying.

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2 hours ago, axman2526 said:

Who do you all think we get?


Man city?

Man United?


I think we got a good draw in midweek so we used our luck up there. Role on City.

Looks like I may have been able to jinx United lol.

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Should be a good test for mr Tuchel and this squad. Plenty of practice for the rest of the ucl and if we knock city out not only do we get credit for stopping the quadruple but we would be favourites to win the cup itself. Fingers crossed we avenge last season's defeat.

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4 minutes ago, Bluesince66 said:

I still worry about our lack of goals,we are pretty short of those,I just want it to click up top but it never does.

Well both Saints and Leicester will be praying that we click against City as both of them know again us they have a realistic chances to win the cup bit against City they have flip all chance.

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16 hours ago, Blueblur said:

Bring them on. We can beat anyone right now. 

I think your statement, whilst possible, is very dependant on selection .

I wonder if TT drops the lesser lights of the squad, Kepa, Emerson, Gilmore etc and goes with what he perceives is his strongest 11 - it’s pretty normal at this late stage in a competition to roll out the ‘big guns’ .

Unbeaten in 14 and 2 goals against aside, does anyone imagine that yesterday’s starting line up, set up and playing as they did v SU , would hold a candle to MC ? I think we play that 11 and it’s curtains ? 

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19 hours ago, Gol15 said:

At this point I think I would prefer to beat Man City in the PL than in the FA Cup semis... 

Depends for me how important the points are.  

I mean if we're in the same spot regardless of having those 3 points or not than, I'd certainly rather win the FA cup.

But I'd rather have the points if they are the difference between say 4th and 5th.  Because qualifying for the CL next season is the most important thing.  

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