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Chelsea v Man City (FA Cup Semi-Final) Sat 17th Apr 2021 17:30 GMT

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Mount is trying, Ziyech had some decent deliverly and Jorginho is back to his standard decent level. Sadly Chilwell wasted a clear chance and I'm afraid that as time passes by that Man City will just get better and solve the game.

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40 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

Other than the pass not coming quick enough!

Not really. He has the speed . All he had to do was wait in his half. U can't be offside in Ur half. 

      Besides he has been in this team long enough to know that the ball doesn't come early so may be he should delay his run a little

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The 35 minutes delivered a good football, good and quick possession game, we had more minutes of control and had one good chance by James. Had feeling in the last 5 minutes City will score, we started to losing balls and failed to counter or move the ball. Werner is out of the game, he offers nothing at the moment.

Ziyech and Mount are very positive in our offensive game, Jorginho has played some good passes and won few balls. Kante's passing isn't that good, but his work rate and defensive discipline is fantastic. 

A draw here is a fair result for the first half, let's see how we will go through the second half. Werner should be off because it feels like we're 10 men with him. 


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Let's hope the 2nd half is better than the first. We have had a couple of half chances but as usual we can't bury them or make poor choices for the final pass.  Pep will change things up no doubt.

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1 minute ago, SFL82 said:

Why are people moaning we’ve outplayed the best team in the country one of the best in Europe, we have been the better team. 

Really does not matter. Outplay mean lick if you don't create good chances

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Better team overall in the 1st half, particularly early on, but nothing to show for it yet - really hoping for more decisive finishing in 2nd half ahead so we don't regret not taking advantage of the early potential.

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Great for 30 minutes, then we havent been doing enough with the counters to get up the field. 

We look pretty comfortable though, anyones game tbh.

Fernandinho not even getting a booking for those 2 challenges was disgraceful, especially when James gets booked for winning the ball.

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