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Real Madrid v Chelsea (CL Semi-Final 1st leg) Tue 27th Apr 2021 20:00 GMT

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Solid result, would've taken that result at the start. Slightly disappointed we didn't win however. Timo kills so many chances; it's so incredibly frustrating. Feels like I'm talking to a wall about it tho

Kante MOTM for me, he was absolutely everywhere. The most Kante I've ever seen Kante in a Chelsea shirt. Unbelievable performance.

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Good result and would have taken it before the game but after that I can’t help but feel we’ve made the second leg a lot harder than it should have been. We could have easily been up 2-0 and then it’s a completely different game. I’m not convinced they’ll be that bad again.

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Great result in difficult conditions. Certainly gives us a chance to make the final. I hope we approach the second leg positively though. I will be worried if we sit back and try to hold on for 90 😉

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3 minutes ago, haviet1 said:

Good result, but I feel Chelsea did left a few points on the table. A clinical striker would make this team very scary.

It really would. We have a great side bar a clinical finisher. 

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Not a bad result but honestly we should have ended the tie in that first half. That is where our lack of experience and killer instict shows. Liverpool was sleeping in the first half of the first leg against Real and Real duly punished them. 

I still think we should start Werner in the second leg because he offers us a threat up top even though he is f**king wasteful

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I do not think any of us would have been unhappy with this result before kick off.

Really good team performance. Really good.

Players did us proud in the main today, Kante was brilliant.

With the game the way it was though sadly I feel quite disappointed as Real have every chance to go through because we let them off the hook.

Timo let us down badly, again. As expected Havertz offer no threat after coming on neither. Sorry @Gol15. One area TT got badly wrong, even Dave did better than what a lot of us expected. 

How poorly must TT think of Giroud and Tammy when he prefers those two to them?

Real are still in this tie, but this is a good result. We cannot afford to waste chances at the bridge like we did today though. Cause Benzema showed their quality in finishing. Him, Vincius, Hazard et al need only a sniff and we will get hit on away goals.

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3 minutes ago, Vagabond said:

Has to stop it because of a possible head injury.

The ref is a copper and professes himself as a straight and just law enforcer.  Unfortunately, we all know that that kind of righteous knobs are the worst as they are busy to maintain their renome instead of actually ruling fairly and sensibly. He blew the whistle straight away, without even knowing the nature of extent of injury, stopping Kante running through on goal.

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