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Chelsea v Brighton (PL) Tue 20th Apr 2021 20:00 GMT

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We simply must win these games... Looks like Tuchel doesn't know how to do it yet which is a bit concerning.

3. Leicester City 56

4. Chelsea 55

5. West Ham United 55

6. Liverpool 53

7. Tottenham Hotspur 50

8. Everton 49

We just missed a huge opportunity and now the difference from 3rd to 8th is only 7 points.

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Not sure how much you can blame Tuchel for that.

Every player looked extremely off. Mentally exhausted after the last 48 hours and everyone was absymal pretty much. 

Valuable point in the end. Some of the lads didn't even look like footballers tonight. Like Mount, James, Zouma, Alonso and I could mention others as well.

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absolute dross... WBA very unlucky not to take 3 points.. Our problems are clear to see.. we are too ponderous in midfield.. As long as we deploy 3 at the back with Jorginho in midfield.. we arent winning many matches.. 

i think Hakim was poor but Jorginho offerred nothing, mount was woeful and Zouma in the centrall position meant we had werent going to score for the next 20 years..

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That was an appalling performance. Arguably the worst match of ours I've watched since the worst of Sarriball.

Just prioritising pointless slow possession over any sort of attack. 

Tinkerman Tuchel might have stabilised us and made us more defensively solid but at least Frank's team had a go.

On a night Chelsea fans showed us the best of the club and a bit of passion, our players produced a limp performance when they had everything to play for. 

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8 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

You really think it would make that much of a difference playing like this? Any time the ball goes forward they sh*t themselves and pass it back to the defense.

Yeah very true to be fair. This walking football works against the top sides but not against a team sitting deep. 

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So angry with that performance, and probably the 1st time i will point the finger at Tuchel. 

Too much rotation, and abysmal in game management. 

Individually there were some real horror shows,  Mount was awful, dont think he will play as bad again in his career. Ziyech, Pulisic, and Havertz did nothing other than constantly lose out physically. 

James and Alonso constantly gave the ball away. 

Maybe the last 48 hours took its toll, maybe the kick off delay and protest affected them. Either way you have to show more than they did, and Tuchel shouldve dine better to fix his mistakes.

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