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Chelsea breakaway from breakaway European Super League

Would you pay to watch Chelsea in a European Super League ?  

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  1. 1. Would you pay to watch Chelsea in a European Super League ?

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29 minutes ago, goose said:


My first thought is how ta f**k are Spurs involved, basically won f**k all of value for decades.


Indeed why Spurs and Arsenal ? Neither have won their own national league for decades.....The answer is it's all about the size of your global fan-base, this chart shows the figures....



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10 minutes ago, Sindre said:

Jesper Møller, member of the UEFA Excecutive Committee expect that the clubs involved in this that are still in the CL will be expelled on Friday.

So our game v Real Madrid is very likely off.

Makes sense. We finally get to play them and something like this happens. 

Have heard my expected idea will happen. Dortmund reinstated to face PSG, Porto reinstated to face the winner of a one off game between RB and Atalanta.

Granada and Prague reinstated to face Roma and Villareal respectively.

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5 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

I am expecting it. Heard on Sky Sports the other 14 PL clubs are meeting tomorrow and the majority of them want the 6 defectors kicked out of this seasons league ASAP.

So we are out of cl, pl and fa cup. So this season is done?? 

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2 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

I’m actually painting my railway sleepers before I lay them so you 8 points for that answer. 

@Malta Blue I know you’re busy caring for the Shed End Kitten Club, you can have a reprieve for a week or two!

The shed end kitten club will make making an official announcement soon on their standing in this situation

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40 minutes ago, JM7 said:

Simon Johnson on talksport was excellent earlier - talking from a chairman’s perspective (find the clip on social media). Yes he was talking about the clubs greed but also the greed and corruption of UEFA and FIFA. 

He was basically saying it’s a political move to force UEFAs hand and it won’t happen. I’m not worried that it will happen. 

Also, the fact that UEFA £3.3b per year but only £300m ends up in the clubs hand. Where’s the rest of it? No wonder the top clubs are fuming and are opposed to other smaller clubs joining when the big clubs bring in the money. 

This can't be and isn't true. For the amount of money the UCL brings in, £300m isn't enough to split amongst even 32 clubs.

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So last year the league was nearly cancelled due to a pandemic with thousands dying and losing their jobs, the next year it's on the brink of collapse due to some rich guys trying to get richer by breaking away from the poor clubs.  You can't write this stuff.

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40 minutes ago, goose said:

Haven’t had time to trawl through all the thread but it would appear that the majority are overwhelming against.

My first thought is how ta f**k are Spurs involved, basically won f**k all of value for decades.

These clubs involves have a lot of power and if domestic leagues throw them out it will be their lost as people will not have the same interest in watching on tv where most income comes from.

UEFA and FIFA are as corrupt as they come and for them to start threatening no international football for players involved is a joke and probably illegal.

It would appear that the likes of Man Utd, Real and Liverpool may be the main pushers for this. Don’t know a whole lot about Real but the Glazers and that Liverpool consortium are only interested in more money and I can see why the likes of Chelsea go for it or otherwise they get left behind.

Would rather see it remain as it is with rewards for good performances for teams to play at the top, this seems a bit of a closed shop.

Whatever happens, (and I think many might be the same although atm they don’t feel like it) next season, the season after and for however long I still be cheering on Chelsea FC against whoever. 


If clubs can bypass and over come the CL’s existing governing body, UEFA, by creating their own CL competition, albeit with a different name, ESL, then what’s to say that it can’t be done internationally.

Think the corrupt f**kers that are UEFA & FIFA are throwing any kinda threat about to save them from extinction, but their hand may not be as strong as the believe or hope ? 

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1 minute ago, DarkMata said:

So last year the league was nearly cancelled due to a pandemic with thousands dying and losing their jobs, the next year it's on the brink of collapse due to some rich guys trying to get richer by breaking away from the poor clubs.  You can't write this stuff.

The 2 things are probably related. The rich owners were annoyed that they weren't making enough during the pandemic. They saw an opportunity to make a fortune off pay per view with a new competition. They couldn't do this by staying in the existing competitions as the TV rights have already been negotiated for the time being.

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8 minutes ago, Stim said:

They can try to toss us out but I'm sure that will just make a lot of lawyers very rich.

Not sure about the Premier League but if the 12 clubs have voluntarily left the ECA with immediate effect then technically they are not eligible for UEFA competitions.

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14 minutes ago, LongtimerLurker said:

My stance is pretty much I'm not too fussed if we join this super league as long as we remain in the prem and other English competitions. UEFA and FIFA are corrupt and clearly hoard all the money. If the teams that make them all the money want a bigger slice of the pie why not?

I want us to win the champions league and the club world cup really badly and we have until 2023/24 I believe until the new UCL format comes into play. If we're choosing to be in the super league instead of the new UCL I'm not that bothered because as I've said before as long as we remain in the other English competitions why should it matter we're not in the double elim cup (new ucl format).

I think it is cowardly to threaten players with not being able to play for their countries and or ban teams from their domestic leagues because they want to do something different.

I'm not saying the 15 founders have gone about it in the best way but to turn around and to use such extreme measures to keep them in check to me it seems like Fifa and Uefa are just as bad as these money grabbing owners. 

People keep talking about the integrity and lack of relegation which I do agree with but at the end of the day all they want to do is give us more high level football frequently. Yeah it lines their pockets but if foreign fans are going to get a better chance to see their teams play and the domestic leagues remain unchecked is it really such a travesty?

The biggest issue would be for me the money difference between those in the super league competeing against other teams in their domestic league which tbh has always been an issue. Hence the calls for salary caps and failed efforts for ffp.

But make no mistake if these changes brought about the end of these dubious ref calls and wacky var then football could still be the real winner here. We're talking about the most elite level football could possibly get (club level) surely the refereeing would therefore be much better.

Just my 2 pence I won't be jumping to any conclusions or outrage until they follow through with their threats (both the clubs and fifa/uefa)

That's too pretty to be true. Some issues with your reasoning are:

The FA is a member of UEFA and FIFA, so they will abide by what these decide if they want to keep or not teams in the national competitions (fair enough, they could decide to leave the UCL and EL, but what about the World Cup or European Cup?)

The players that go to the national teams to play in FIFA/UEFA competitions will, most likely, need to be inscribed in a recognised association (the FA in this case), so these players may not be eligible if they are not recognised by the FA.

Finally, the founding members of the ESL will receive (according to the Spanish press) 350m in front plus 250m for renovation of their installations. If they were to be allowed in the PL, these millions mean that these teams are going to annihilate any other English team just because they have the economic power (imagine City now but with no limits). This may be OK in Spain or Italy where there is domination by two/three teams anyway, but that just kills the chances of the likes of Leicester, Sheffield Utd (last season they were up there fighting to go to the EL), West Ham or any other team to fight for a place in Europe. And on top of that, it rewards two very mediocre teams like Spuds and Arsenal, who have won f**k all of merit in years (ok Arse have won FA Cups but are a mid table team) and struggle each year to qualify for the EL, with being amongst the best.

So, without condoning the sh*thouses that UEFA and FIFA are, this ESL is made even more by the rich for the rich, other's will just be there to make numbers.

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18 minutes ago, Stim said:

They can try to toss us out but I'm sure that will just make a lot of lawyers very rich.

Such a process would take time. In the mean time we would be out of the league, FA cup and CL with new wins decided before court cases and appeals are heard.

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1 hour ago, DarkMata said:

Just curious does anyone actually believe these 12 clubs will be abolished from their leagues/Europe and start a new independent football league with no association with the rest of football?  

No one of the sides is going to blink in that game of chicken.  

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3 hours ago, EdinburghBlue said:

Indeed but with the CL reform am I not correct in saying the money gets shared equally no matter how well you do or far you go? For example, Real Madrid would get the same as Qarabag who go out bottom of the group stage? Maybe I’ve picked that up wrong but that was my understanding. This is the thing though - if we didn’t join, we would be left behind massively both internationally and domestically.


People can say that’s fine but some of them are the same people who were happy Frank got sacked because we were going to lose the CL money. You either care about the money or you don’t, you can’t pick and choose. (This isn’t directed at you btw, just a general observation).

You are right about the pot distribution, that is clearly a big issue for the clubs, as is the qualification. Pretty much any angle that involves money is an issue! 

I cant speak for other posters, but personally although i was disappointed Lampard was sacked, I also didnt think he was the right man for the job. I wasnt concerned about champions league then, as I didnt think it would do us much damage if we missed out, as i have faith in the quality of the squad, and the buisness we did in the summer. 

Would I feel better if we had refused, and the other 5 teams had left? Probably not, I think i would be angry at the other clubs, and worried about the future of the game, and our place within it. 

Really need some clarification from all parties, but i think its going to be dragging on through the courts.

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33 minutes ago, KonaKai Blue said:

Super League can gain fans back by simply telling them finals allocation will be 80% of the  fans. None of this rubbish where each side gets like a 15% allocation

I think you seriously mis understand what is happening. 

Fans will be getting less allocation. Although I maintain that long term we may be looking at chelsea disappearing and being moved to a foreign country. 

The super league cannot co exist with the domestic competitions. From my perspective, the goal is going to be one competition. 30 games a season and a finals month. Players fresh each week. No international involvement. This is all going one way and it is not going to be good for the traditionalists. 

This is all about money. There is no sentiment. 

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In the PL, if the 6 are booted out and results against them are annulled then West Ham have a clear lead ... they've only picked up 6 points vs the "Big 6" whereas Leicester have 16 ... so the potential tragedy gets worse and worse ... very likely that West Ham win the f**king PL !!!!

I make it that they would have a 9 point lead over Leicester, with 5 matches left, and a game in hand. Practically all over bar the shouting ...



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Getting back to the original poll, I guess for me it matters how much it will cost to watch matches in the Super League.  For now, I do not subscribe to Peacock or Paramount and thus do not get to see some of the Premier League matches or any of the Champions League matches.

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I'd be very surprised if teams are kicked out of the league this season and ucl/el. All the teams have done atm is signal their intent. As far as I know, that isn't breaching any current rules until they follow through. I would assume the clubs intending to join wouldn't have done so publicly if they believed they would be instantly dismissed unless ofc they just don't care...

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