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Chelsea breakaway from breakaway European Super League

Would you pay to watch Chelsea in a European Super League ?  

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  1. 1. Would you pay to watch Chelsea in a European Super League ?

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2 hours ago, Malta Blue said:

The problem with going to clubs like boca jr is the safety of the players. Southa american team bosses are often targeted by criminals and held up at gun point, imagine these guys eyes light up at the thought of Barca players and chelsea players and the likes of Ronaldo wearing diamond earrings and rolexs and stuff

Is that a joke, or a absolutely xenophobic assumption ?

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43 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

It doesn't just work like that though. You don't just suddenly say "oh, f**k this, I'll support a team I never gave a sh*t about a few days ago"

What choice do we have, when our owners are acting like a organised crime syndicate or mafia. The only way this works is if we fans boycott this shambles and make a stand. Not say ah what can we do..i love chelsea so ill just carry on watching this super league. Football is more than just our club, its everyones clubs being given a fair chance. These owners couldnt give a damn about any of us, they see us as a hinderance, and quite happily replace us with foreign fans who will pay more.

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2 minutes ago, Sindre said:

Sounds like all the fans are blocking the team bus so it can't get it. Listen to what Petr says here:


Damn if I was protesting and big Pete came out to talk to us, I'd be starstruck and probably stand down immediately.

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1 hour ago, axman2526 said:

The Chelsea board should be made to step down. None of them should keep their jobs unless proven to be against this idea.

Would you still feel that way if uefa back down, agree to reform and extra cash and the super league gets pulled? By my reckoning that would make the board bloody geniuses!

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42 minutes ago, coco said:

Your'e not born a chelsea fan, you made the decision to follow Chelsea when "you never gave a sh*t about them before" :wink:


I don't think changing fan loyalties is that easy.  

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21 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

Roman has to risk being sued or step down, his job is to safeguard the club not destroy it.

Were I not living in another country I would be there protesting too. 

Yeah - because millionaires always do that don't they? Either do something that gets them sued or runaway! 

Not everything is black and white in this weird world we live in. And of course Roman, an astute billionaire, would not act so recklessly in the binary way you suggest he should. 

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18 minutes ago, Zeta said:

Was thinking about going down there myself, but too awkward with work and getting down there in rush hour traffic. Hopefully we get a lot of people making a lot of noise.

Yeah - work and rush hour traffic, always get in the way of things we claim to really care about.

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