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Chelsea breakaway from breakaway European Super League


Would you pay to watch Chelsea in a European Super League ?  

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  1. 1. Would you pay to watch Chelsea in a European Super League ?

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33 minutes ago, Oli said:

I hope of speak for everyone on here, but I've literally gone from waiting like an excited kid every week for our next game to having no interest in todays game. Even lowly Brighton at home who play amazing football, would of been a great test. And the feeling you get after a long hard season of being able to grind out a top 4 finish on merit. This season was promising so much, we just beat Man City, and are in the Champions League Semi final  something we have been dreaming of since 2012. They have taken away any excitment, and everything those players have worked for this year in an instant. Im not bothered in the slightest about today's game. I will however watch and hope Chelsea win, because it is the Premier League, something we want to continue.

It just hurts and it seems by all the pictures coming out of secret meeting between the American Owners of other clubs a few years ago. It really stinks that us and man city have been bullied into this. We were the two teams with a monetary advantage over other teams so this actually screws us over. We also had owners who didnt treat us like a  football company, but instead a football club, who bought us like an expensive toy, and did so much for the community etc, not to maximise profits. I just pray we see sense..and that c*** perez can shove his ironclad contract where the sun dont shine.


As an American I'm embarrassed that American owners are involved in this. . . but let's get this straight Chelsea could have and should have said no.   They left those spots open for Bayern and PSG for a reason, they would have left spots for Man City and Chelsea too.  

As far as the match against Brighton. . . I say just back your team for now and see what happens.  I don't think I want to follow a team that declares itself one of the best without constantly proving it year after year.  But I'm feeling optimistic that this ESL idea will be shut down.   Someone is going to realize that if the fans don't follow them they can't make their millions and that it should not be taken for granted that the fans will follow.



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