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Chelsea breakaway from breakaway European Super League


Would you pay to watch Chelsea in a European Super League ?  

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  1. 1. Would you pay to watch Chelsea in a European Super League ?

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Great news that Chelsea are preparing the documentation to pull out, being said in the evening news as well so the must be something of the like going on.

Now, onto today’s match thread to pick on TT and his team choices... :Troll_Face:

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1 minute ago, Malta Blue said:

might aswel let the lads and ladys in the stadium as an apology, there is no social distancing anyway, what harm can it do

red tape mate, now if it was blue tape we'd be ok.

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4 minutes ago, LOFTYBILL said:

Very proud of Chelsea fans tonight. I just wish I could have been part of it, a bit difficult from 4000 miles away!


I say anyone who spoke out against this was part of it.  

If all the rumors are true than the fans spoke out in a unified voice, we were heard and a couple teams appear to have reversed course.  

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So proud of the fans that turned up. I think the club were already in the process of trying to get out of it though. 

I get that times are changing and maybe fifa and uefa shouldnt have the power they do, but there has to be another way that doesnt bring the pyramid to its knees. 

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3 hours ago, TomCFC85 said:

I hope this isn't the end of the backlash, I don't want any of these clubs to be recontextualised as "saviours of the football"
They knew what they were doing, they don't deserve any credit.
If anything, we should celebrate the power of fan power and make sure nothing like this happens again. 

Woodward needs to go and the Glazers with him. They are a cancer on the game. They have put nothing in, and taken out a lot. Scum like that have no place in football.

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Very pleased of the news that sounds like Chelsea are leaving the super league, and as the first team mentioned to be doing so.

The concept was clearly a bad idea with terrible features, disappointed but not that surprised the club went along with it with the rest of the greedy guilty gang.

However good the club quickly realised the mistake after the massive backlash, and sounds like are reversing their mistake, rather than persisting with a wrong turn. Hope the rest of the clubs follow that example swiftly too.

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POV: You're Perez, you've just spent 4 hours in a press conference justifying why you're creating a new club competition that has been labelled disgusting and money-grubbing by the press. The public hates you.
You say among other things:
-Teenagers don't watch football anymore
-Matches should be shortened 
You know you've put your entire reputation on the line in order to make money. You know the backlash is hard, but with perseverance, eventually the Super League will be formed and this will be a distant memory.
The literal next day:
"All 12 Clubs meeting to disband the league"

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