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West Ham v Chelsea (PL) Sat 24th Apr 2021 17:30 GMT

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Don't want to see Havertz as a false 9 vs Pikeys, if that happens it imo will likely dent any chances of coming away with all 3 points, looks like Kova is out for a few games and although we didn't miss him vs City (they had a bit of an off day TBH) he was missed today, Mounts value is diminished playing deeper, Pully needs the bench as well he's a hot n cold player and we haven't seen a hot streak since a year ago.  Tickle has the CL sussed, finally got the FA cup under control after a couple of dodgy performances, but he cant figure out how to get the tactics and motivation to play the 'lower' teams. I still have faith in Tickle but if we lose this one all those clean sheets will likely have been for Thursday Night footy next season.

They will be very very up for it, usually its like a cup final to them just playing for pride, there's much more potentially at stake for this match, so Moysie will have them well prepared and up for it, especially any weaknesses e.g.  false 9, soft centered double pivot ,or a Zouma/ Silva blunder as well as unleash Lingard whose scoring for fun unlike our strikers.

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Im not watching. Whenever I don't we seem to win. When I do, we don't. Have to resort to these little things now. 

I dont care how we win as long as we win. But watching players not try, show lack of 50m, 60, 70m pound ability and pass sideways to draw or lose is very very painful.

At least under Sarri ball I had the joy of watching Hazard. Now I'm watching Ziyech produce dead flicks, Havertz hit tame shots and Werner showing the control of a 6 year old.

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8 hours ago, coco said:

Tommy should give Frank -hammer of the hammers- a call and get his advice.

Problem is we have our ourselves in a fix, play a strong team here we will be spent for Real on Tuesday, don't and risk throwing the top 4.  That Brighton game was so key....spilled milk but not sure how we approach this one now. 

Good news is Real have 6th place Real betis Saturday night at 8:00 and they can’t rest either as they are 3 points off atletico at the top.

I’d hate to face Real and not give anything but our very best. 

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14 hours ago, Mod Stark said:

Going there is going to be a hard game, made a little easier by no West Ham fans.

There’s a consensus between West Ham fans I know that they’re better off without their fans there because they’re all miserable moaning pricks :laugh2:

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14 hours ago, axman2526 said:

Huge game against Real on tuesday...but wenhave to go strong in to this game.
















I think Tammy should definitely start this one but I doubt he will even make the bench. He seems to have been frozen out under Tuchel. 

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45 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

Even if we win, I still don't think we will make top 4. We have dropped way too many points against weaker opposition in recent weeks. 

Think you are right there Scott. Brighton was a very tired and laboured performance. TT has a real job getting enough out of the tank to make the season a success.

People don't remember semi finals and finals, they remember trophies and he has a huge chance to deliver.

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2 minutes ago, coco said:


Still amazing that a team with options like Abraham, Giroud, Werner, ziyech, Havertz, Mount, Pulisic, CHO etc is so inept at creating and taking chances. On paper it should be at least a good offence instead we as bad as Sheff United most of the time.

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2 hours ago, DidierDrogbalala said:

Werner Havertz Mount

Chilwell Kanté Jorgi James

Rudiger Christensen Azpi


I'm close to this, my take:

            Werner  Havertz


Chilwell  Jorgi  Kante  CHO (or James)

    Rudiger  Christensen Azpi





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West Ham will definitely attack us from the start and hope to build a lead. We will probably need to weather the storm early and for sure we need to take the opportunities we get on the break. For all the goals West Ham score they let a lot in too. We need to take advantage of their defensive lapses.

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Mason mount has played the most matches and most minutes for us this season. Hopefully he is given a rest before vthe inevitable happens. I will also suggest resting rudiger.


       Azpi.       Christensen.   Zouma

CHO.      KANTE.    Jorginho.       Chilwell

        Pulisic.      Havertz.      Werner





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