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Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sat 1st May 2021 17:30 GMT


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1 minute ago, LongtimerLurker said:

Go on let me hear the haters now? Werner not contributing and Havertz a luxury buy stfu!!! Support your players sorry lads rant over 😭😂😂


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Just now, Valerie said:

True, true. I could do without the accompanying homophobia though.

Well yeah that should go without saying I know sadly it has need to be said today but you can't deny the 'he started it' and I'm telling mummy (tagging mods into the argument) is a blast

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2 minutes ago, Bob stark said:

This timo werner discussion is really like Torres all over again. Werner is fast, his behind run is the best in the team. His touch is very2 bad, he is average on the ball, his finishing right now is a nightmare. 

In conclusion he is very2 useful but he is not a superstar. Plus Fulham is playing very open football with space anywhere you want, he should excel. 

Difference is we're getting good results with Werner despite his admittedly abysmal finishing (look at my post the other day about our results with Timo vs without).

Torres was a genuine weight around the clubs neck holding us back.

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Just now, BluesPower said:

He didn't score, but what a pass!

Meet Timo.  Not the 1st menber of the fam to be named after a Chelsea player.  The 1st grader holding Timo goes by Willian.  I wanted Didier, but the wife wouldn't have it.  Luckily she was still too groggy to notice I spelled William with an 'n' on the birth certificate 🙂


Does Willian run around a lot without achieving much and is he constantly hitting the first man? 

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2 minutes ago, Sindre said:

What a f**king goal! Take a bow Kai Havertz.

He's immense and is going to be a star in this league.

Hes got absolutely everything to go on to be a world star, obviously needs consistency next but it's going to be great watching him grow at Chelsea.

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Just now, Sindre said:

Don't care what anyone says, Havertz at false 9 WORKS.

It's not the traditional false nine in the sense that he stays there fighting against defenders but he drags them around and others finds the space he opens up before he again from deeper find the space to score!


I called it last year during the Bundi restart, was genuinely concerned Klopp would buy him as his long term Firmino successor.

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If we get a third and we really want to keep our players safe. I'd consider Mount for CHO with James slotting into cm with Billy could it work? I have no idea but I'm not sure what else we could do other than bring on Kante or Jorgehh to give Mount a rest.

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