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Chelsea v Real Madrid (CL Semi-Final 2nd leg) Wed 5th May 2021 20:00 GMT

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3 minutes ago, Deino said:

Christensen and Jorginho need to watch out! No more lazy and slow tackles. Need to be sharp

Jorginho’s lazy ball into their box cost him. Christensen worries me a little, these Spaniards Yelp a lot with little contact.

what is it with Brazilian DM. Seems they are immune to yellow cards. Fernandinho last night with 12 fouls and Casemiro tonight

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1 minute ago, HavertzBroadway said:

Watching Rüdiger perform match after match you really have to wonder what qualifies Lampard to coach a team. 

If Rudi performed like he is now under Frank he’d have never been out the team. 

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3 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

I’ve just walked up and down the hall, taking the rubbish out and had a clean around the kitchen. Nerves are still at maximum levels.

I walked up the hall, skipped back down because I couldn't remember why I was going up that way. Then I decided I wanted another beer....despite having 2 unopened beers at the sofa so ran back up the hall to grab another one then I skipped back down and I'm still not sure why  I first ventured up that way. I'm not sure I even had a reason. I just dont know what to do with myself at the moment

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4 minutes ago, Valpo said:

I have to listen to this game, can't watch so I can only go off of what I'm hearing. . . Any halftime subs likely?

No chance of a half-time sub. Everyone contributing so far.

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2 minutes ago, PloKoon13 said:

f**k me, so far so good. We deserve to be ahead. If not for a couple of bad decisions in the final third (mostly Werner) we could be further ahead.

The midfield has been incredibly good so far. Very impressed with Jorginho in particular, especially considering the criticism I’ve given him in the past, he’s really stepping up to the occasion. Really thriving under Tuchel (mostly) with less space to cover between the forward line and the defence. I wonder whether Sarri is sat at home with a glass of red and ten cigarettes watching Jorginho capably covering space and Kanté brilliantly creating our goal.

Gonna need some serious bottle to see this out, and I am especially going to need some new pants. Come on you Blues!

P.S. I love Mendy. 
P.P.S. It would be a particular bonus if we could get Ramos sent off. 

I gotta say I think Jorginho has been our weak link. He's getting blown away by Modric on the ball and off it, he's been okay but sloppy.

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4 minutes ago, charierre said:

Manage the game now. Break up play ,buy fouls and run the legs off Ramos.I may be tempted to swap Christensen for James, he looks a red waiting to happen.

Totally agree. We know his mentality isn't fantastic. A panicky moment and a red could make the difference. 

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