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MOTM vs Real Madrid (H) (CL)

MOTM vs the Franco shaggers  

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  1. 1. MOTM vs Real Madrid (H) (CL)

    • Mendy
    • Christensen
    • Silva
    • Rüdiger
    • Azpilicueta (c)
    • Jorginho
    • Kanté
    • Mount
    • Chilwell
    • Havertz
    • Werner
    • Pulisic (sub)
    • James (sub)
    • Ziyech (sub)
    • Giroud (sub)

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This was incredibly hard for me to choose, everyone was exceptional tonight but the two that stood out even more for me were Mendy - those two saves from Benzema at that point in the game were absolutely massive. The other, who I gave it to was Kante, he was everywhere breaking up play but the two turnovers for the goals were exceptional, he genuinely is the best midfielder in the world for me.

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Not sure I can pick just one player. Everyone was a hero tonight. Each player deserves a mention for at least something they did in that game. What a team.


Okay, I'll give it to Havertz, just ahead of the others who all come a very close second!

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One of those games that you can't really choose. Every player showed his class and played the best part of him.

I went with Mendy because his saves were so important to us to stay in the game.

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TT deserves l the credit in the world for it.

Missed most of the first half due to work. Based on minute 35 onwards cannot go Mendy as I did not see his saves. Thought many players were great. So will give it to Jorginho.

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Posted (edited)

I said before, Kai is going to be awesome, he didn't seem fazed by confrontations with Ramos, brushed him off no problems, Mendy was close, and Rudiger, Jorginho controlled, Chilly and Dave, f**k it everyone is just an iota off Kante...
Special word for my man Werner, he could of had 3 assists with better finishing, he won't be dropped, he is the trigger to as Rio said 'Blue Bullets'

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Kanté - but only because you can't chose the whole team+staff. He was a beast defending and actually initiated both goals so why not him!?

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20 hours ago, KonaKai Blue said:

Without two fantastic saves from Mendy its a totally different ball game.

However every single one of them deserves the highest praise.

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