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Chelsea v Man City (CL Final) 29/05/21 KO 20:00 BST

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26 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

Let them have this false sense of security and overconfidence, it works to our advantage. 

“ overconfidence precedes carelessness”

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I think Pep's biggest problem is Central Midfield, he played Rodri and Fernandinho in the FA Cup Semi Final and Mount pretty much toyed with Fernandinho who was lucky to not get 2 yellows. Rodri has also played both games against us and didnt control the midfield at all so if I was Pep I would be unsure about the combination to go with.

He will obviously play Gundogan and possibly B. Silva which leaves the spot for 1 CDM both of whom don't have his 100% trust, I think he may go with Rodri based on how poor Fernandinho looked against us and I think that is the area we will need to exploit.  

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7 hours ago, axman2526 said:

One thing is for sure, both teams have played their strongest manager both games.

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10 hours ago, acidicleo said:

I found this hilarious....

"Kelvin de chelsea destroyer" "Silence chelsea fans in Nigeria because they are noise makers" so many little pieces of gold on this. Thanks for posting 🤣

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1 hour ago, LongtimerLurker said:

City have now drawn level with us on prem titles won (5) which is joint 2nd behind you know who. All the more reason for us to win the UCL to show that they're still a ways off from being as prestigious as us 😉


They really should be third on that image, lol. Came last to that 5er party.

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Just chatting with a couple of City fans at work and they very much believe that we faced much weakened City sides in the last two games and that they have much too good a side that will be better rested by the final and that it is their destiny to win it. I know these are just words, but their confidence does trouble me. I'm not sure i can actually watch the game. I'll probably be pacing up and down the hallway and occasional peeping round the living room door at the TV. If we go a couple of goals down the TV will go off and not be switched back on for a fortnight. It's ridiculous that a football match a couple of weeks away can make me feel sick in the stomach thinking about it.

If we win all will be great. If we lose I'll tell myself that this was another season that didn't really count with there being no fans at matches.

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