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Chelsea v Arsenal (PL) Wed 12th May 2021 20:15 GMT

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Just now, abigsmurf said:

This is looking to be one of those "not our day" games where nothing goes right.

The thing with the "not our day" excuse is that these things happen once or twice a season, but its happened to us so many times that I don't see how that excuse applies to us. We are just horrendous at finishing, it's as simple as that really. 

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1 minute ago, comtrend said:

95% of the blame on Jorginho, but I don't understand why Kepa rushed so far out to the side of goal in that situation either.

To create an angle. I said it earlier in the thread and I think Redknapp mentioned it at half time. You’re taught from a young age, when making a back pass you put it to either side of the goal. Precisely to avoid a situation like that. He didn’t even lift his head before he played it. It was atrocious and he knew it.

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Just now, carrickblue said:

Jorghino in the right place to let the ball hit his shin and end the game. Sums it up really. 

I'd managed to stay calm, all things considered, untill that. 

Sell him to wherever Sarri ends up, sick to the back teeth of him. 


No way we deserved to lose that, they were horrendous 

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9 years and we let that happen. 

Utter madness. Jorginho is not a big game player, you can't f**k up like he does this many times. Kante and Gilmore from now on unless Kova is back.

Werner has to play and CHO must not play. 

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1 minute ago, JPH said:

Jorginho has cost us at least 6 points this season.

Big close up of him at the final whistle. I feel sorry for him tonight. Tuchel did him no favours tonight leaving him on the pitch the way he was playing.

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Piss poor .. very static back line.. havertz was not the right selection for the game.. Jorginho can’t play a ball more than 2 yards away.. probably his arms extend further than his passing range.. pulisic offered nothing .. wrong to move mount in midfield killed our attack.. 3 points gifted to a very average team..

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It never felt like we were getting back into that game when we went a goal down. We are dogsh*t against defensive sides. I'm surprised more teams don't play that way against us, our finishing is so poor that we would never score against them.

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