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Shevchenko wins a lawsuit against Mirror


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I saw this on a Bulgarian sport news website, so I can't place a link; I tried to find it in Sky's and BBC's sites, but it's still not there. Anyway, the site can be trusted.

According to the source, Sheva has recently filed a lawsuit for moral damages against Mirror publishers MGN Ltd and has won it. The proceedings concerned the publications during the period January- March about Sheva being a spy for Abramovich and speaking behind Mourinho's back.

The Mirror are supposed to publish an official apology and refutal of the published trash, as well as compensate Sheva with an undisclosed sum.


Makes me proud that it's Sheva. Have always admired the guy for putting his head down and giving his best, or at least trying.

A sh*t commentator said (re Essien) last season "24 quid doesn't buy you much sportsmanship". I say 30 mln. well spent here !

If anyone can understand Bulgarian, I'll post the link here :


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Thanks for that. I'd be surprised if that's 100% true or we'd have heard about it. What is true is that they printed false stories about Sheva which they had to apologise for, but I haven't heard about any lawsuit.

Plenty of papers wrote that Sheva refused to travel to Anfield on Tuesady, but Chelsea and Sheva have issued an official denial of that.

The papers get away with printing garbage every day of the week. I can't work out why they don't have to print more retractions, as so much of what they say turns out to be total speculation dressed up as fact.

EDIT: You're dead right. See here:

The Mirror's owner, Mirror Group Newspapers, accepted the allegations were untrue, apologised and agreed to pay substantial undisclosed damages as well as Shevchenko's costs

http://football.guardian.co.uk/News_Sto ... 85,00.html

(Assuming they haven't made up the story of course)

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about bloody time. now i hope the club goes after the scummy media.

Specially the Daily (pail) Mail, total garbage they report, yet people believe it to be gospel. 1064.gif

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