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Pre Season Competition

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My take on the game.

Until the substitutions we bossed the game and should have scored more. Ziyech seemed hungry and determined, which is a welcome change from his usual 'lazy, indifferent, couldn't be bothered" body language. Hopefully this is going to be his break out season at the club, he's looking sharp. Chalobah was pleasantly competent at the back. CHO was struggling on he right, so much time and space and yet wrong decisions almost every time. Werner was back to his usual self, did everything very well except finishing, and what's worse, when he did finish, the footballing Gods laughed at the miserable German and denied him a perfectly legit goal. Havertz, Kovacic, Rudiger, Zouma and Alonso were fairly good given the amount of training they've had so far. Kante was MOTM, the man is superhuman. I thought Mendy could have done better for the second goal, but it was from close range, so it's easier said than done.

The drop off in quality after the subs was understandable. Spurs kept their first teamers, while Tuchel gave loanees and youngsters a chance to impress. Bakayoko was once again a subject of envy and a beacon of hope to all the dreamers out there that you don't have to be any good at what you do for a living to become a millionaire. Young Sarr took the hint and immediatel;y followed the lead. Those two gave their absolute best to help Spurs equalize and were well on their way to gifting Tottenham another goal scoring opportunity to finish the job but alas, the final whistle put an end to that. Well, until the next preseason then, boys, keep the dream alive.


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A grade: Ziyech, Kante, Kovacic, Chalobah, Anjorin, Tuchel 

B grade: Havertz, Werner, Alonso, Rudiger, Zouma, Pulisic, Ampadu, RLC, CHO, Zappa, Miazga, Kenedy

C grade: Tammy, Mendy

No chance grade: Sarr, Bakayoko 

All in all we would and should have won this with comfort. We just subbed the whole side and made two individual mistakes that uncharacteristically cost us two goals. Sarr and Bakayoko were horrendous. No other words. Mendy let in that second goal. Looked bad. He has had lapses of concentration in these two games. 

I was very pleased with our midfield and especially Ziyech. He is an excellent player. You can see us creating 10-15 great chances in the match and we only finish two of them. Both by an excellent finish by Ziyech. This is why we absolutely need him. He is also winning back balls high up the field. Best player for us in these Mind series games for us with Kante. 

I have never seen us this fit and ready in pre-season. Tuchel is really putting the lads in good shape. Starting strong is a good thing. Gather momentum for the season. 

I am a bit worried for Ruben. Tuchel said before this game he really needs to push Ruben to see his true level. Now he fielded RLC in a very unfavourable time next to Bakayoko. He had no chance to look good and he didn't. If we don't sign Rice which looks more than sure we need one of these lads to step up. Looks like it is Ruben. If Tuchel don't trust him we might make a late buy and we know what those look... 

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Is there another friendly before the season kicks off? Or was Tottenham the final test? 

Maybe one behind closed curtens once the last internationals are back together with the subs to gain some game fitness? 



after EDIT: Never mind, I forgot about the Super Cup. 

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Are we not getting a dedicate Super Cup thread for us to look back fondly upon @coco? I wasn’t allowed to watch the last one because I was on holiday with the missus. One of the many reasons life is better being single!

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7 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

Are we not getting a dedicate Super Cup thread for us to look back fondly upon @coco? I wasn’t allowed to watch the last one because I was on holiday with the missus. One of the many reasons life is better being single!

You can start one, it's just a friendly..............unless we win it.

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