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Following Our Nearest And Dearest Rivals 2021/22

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11 hours ago, Munkworth said:

Ronaldo will have someone to talk to then, he could recommend a lawyer or two. 

There used to be a comic strip called Lags Eleven seems City are trying to recreate it Mendy, Adam Johnson, Robinho, Joey Barton they might even get in a ringer with Giggs.

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City or United ? Where will Ronaldo prefer ? Cheshire or Essex ?

I would prefer him to go to city i think, i just don't see how he fits in to how they play, could be wrong.

If he went to Utd i would be more concerned as a counter attacking team suits him better.

He'll be 37yo at the end of the season, bloody impressive, you won't see better at his age, but you can't help feeling a cliff edge is approaching him.


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1 minute ago, DidierDrogbalala said:

And PSG wants to replace Mbappé with Haaland.


Be interesting to know where PSG will get the money from. The transfer fee + agent fees + salary.

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6 minutes ago, enigma said:

I can't see how signing Ronaldo is a good idea. Man Utd will have two old guys past their best up top. Man Utd fans wanted a defensive midfielder, but instead they get another attacking player lol. 

On 500k a week plus all the circus he brings with him

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Kind of wish Messi joined the Premier League now. Would have been great to watch all of these players playing in one league.

Would be amazing for the team that finished the season as Champions too.

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Uniteds attacking options are a bit frightening.

With City missing out on both Kane & Ronaldo I think United will have to be favorites at this point.

Ronaldo scored 36 times last season and is still a fantastic striker.


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That was crazy, he was linked to City and then Utd rumours only just surfaced and 1 day later he's signed for them instead.

It's hard to say how good this will be for them but it will give them goals and they will at least be a strong cup threat.

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