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Champions League Draw


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Really happy to see us get an interesting draw. Some away points may be dropped but the group doesn't look too difficult. 


Liverpool are going to have to be at 100% to get through their group. Those are 3 tough away matches and the home matches against Atleti and Milan aren't going to be easy either. It would be funny if they were the only English team to go out early. 

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3 minutes ago, enigma said:

How good are Zenit? Juventus should be winnable for us over both legs, but Allegri is a very good tactician, so could be interesting. 

Russian football is terrible right now and i think Dzyuba is still their number one option up front so that tells you everything.

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I swear to God, my piss is boiling at the moment. Had Ludogorets shown some spine and defeates Malmo, I would have had the chance to watch my team live in Sofia.

But no, just as every Bulgarian squad, including the national team, they get exposed every time it matters and make football fans furious.

To avoid off topic, I think we will get out of this group, I dont think Malmo and Zenit can cause us some serious headaches so this should be manageable.

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Anyone else wish AC Milan got drawn into group A instead it was a 50/50 but, I really wanted that group to be the most competitive. It still looks like a struggle for City and Paris they'll have to beat every team in their group at least once.

Liverpool talk about the short straw when they got Athletico I thought that would be it, they look the most likely out of the English teams to struggle but, I'll back them to go through 100%.

There's 2 groups with 8 teams that look very beatable once the last 16 is drawn that's 4 relatively straight forward teams which is ideal for group winners of the tougher groups. 

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20 hours ago, axman2526 said:

PSG, Milan, Ajax. Reunions group.

Ideal is Sevilla, Salzburg and Malmo. Who I expect City to draw.

Well we got one of them. 

Worst part about Zenit is the travel. 

I expect we will try and get our fixtures organized so we host Juve first, then go to Zenit, then Malmo double header, then juve away and finish at home to Zenit.

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1 hour ago, rtwelch said:

Can we go to Turin though? That’s the question 

It's one of those yes buts at the minute.

As it stands you can go but you'll have to either quarentine in Italy for 5 days first or go to another country (that Italy are letting in unrestricted) for 2 weeks then go to Italy. 

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CFC PL Games before/after #UCL Group Games

Villa (H) Zenit (H) Spurs (A)

Man City (H) Juve (A) Saints (A)

Brentford (A) Malmo (H) Norwich (H)

Newcastle (A) Malmo (A) Burnley (H)

Leicester (A) Juve (H) Man United (H)

West Ham (A) Zenit (A) Leeds (H)


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Should cruise the group and be able to rotate with a bit to spare. 

Malmo were nothing to shout about and really should have been taken care of by Rangers, should be able to put out a second  side and deal with them easily 

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