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Chelsea v Aston Villa (PL) Sat 11th Sep 2021 17:30 GMT


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3 minutes ago, BluesPower said:

Bit nervy, but yet to concede a goal in open play 4 matches in.  Carefree!

Yea I think this time it's all due to Mendy and T.Silva. Villa could have scored so we need to improve if we want to keep that going.

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Just now, PloKoon13 said:

Clearly you've never sat in East Upper where not only do you get a free prawn sandwich but also a Chelsea-branded piles cushion (which you even get to take home with you).

I have sat in the top row of East Upper and all you get is vertigo…

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36 minutes ago, Seeking Relevancy said:

relax everyone yeah was not a good debut for saul but I am sure he will be good for us.

I remember how kai didnt have a good start and look at him now for us also how thiago made a mistake that lead to a goal against us on his debut as well.


On the plus side. His performances can only go up after the debacle of today. To be fair he was put in a really disjointed team due to the changes.

I expect him to have a better game in 10 days against villa in the carabao cup

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Overall first half we were pretty terrible. Saul had a very poor debut. Though we have to factor in that Tuchel made 6 changes to the Liverpool game before internationals. So I was always fearful it could be risky with too many changes.

motm mendy for me kept us in it also silva was very composed.

lukaku shows us the beauty of having a potent striker 

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50 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

Will Villa be charged for failing to control their players today? Lots of yellow cards and shouting in the refs face. They charged us after the Liverpool game, so they should be charged too.

Spuds and Palace too. We obviously should have had points docked, as we are to blame when other teams get involved in flare-ups.

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40 minutes ago, comtrend said:

Not that hard to improve really, just limit the minutes of Saul, CHO and Ziyech.

Hard to argue with that. I do hope Saul finds his feet though. Perhaps a little early to lose all hope there.

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Didn’t’t see the first half just heard the radio commentary which appears to be a blessing 

Mendy looked assured though did flap at a couple of crosses

Silva is a good defender, legs going but experience puts him in the right position time and again

Set pieces caused us problems 

Kovacic scored and assisted ! Wow

Lukaku two chances two goals …the striker has landed

Saul appears to have had a mare… he will take a few games to get upto speed with the intensity. This can’t be understated

Another three points, we are negotiating this tricky start quite well 


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Always a tricky match after an international break and Villa is a quality side. Happy with the win given we've rested half of the starters (Azpi and Jorginho came from the bench) and James was suspended. I am happy for Lukaku, it is now 3 in 3 for the big man.

Not the best of debuts for Saul, but he will come good, the season is long and we need a player of his quality. Just needs another month or so to get used to the PL pace.


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38 minutes ago, Evenflow20 said:

It's literally his first game in the Prem.

The arrogance of some Chelsea fans is mystifying 

But not everyone’s first game in the Prem is so poor. Limiting his game time is a sensible approach. As he hasn’t taken to it like a duck to water, then ease him in and see if he finds his feet. I felt either Tuchel made an error of judgement about Saul’s readiness that he realised at half time or he had underestimated Villa when considering Tuesday’s game against Zenit. 

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