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Chelsea v Aston Villa (LC) Wed 22nd Sep KO 19:45 BST


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Well we made it exciting 

How can forwards not step up for a penalty? That said Reece’s at the end was a beauty 

Kepa is rehabilitated

Reece had a good game though overall defensively we weren’t fully at it. Chilwell looks rusty, Chalobah and Sarr looked a scratch pairing

Ruben was decent, 

I expect more of Ziyech and CHO

Good to see Timo score

Keeping in this competition will give our squad game time 

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Very entertaining cup game but really should of made it 2 after Temo scores, but being Chelsea we rarely do anything the easy way. 

Have to hand it to TT getting Kepa rehabilitated, I'd been one of the lad's harshest critics on here, after the Super Cup & Today Fairplay to him !!

Cant say the same about Zyech & CHO, at least the former cost us nothing.  Chilly is just a wee bit rusty imo, he'll come good.  RLC looked great today as well , all in all a great match day!


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There are question marks on 4 players tonight, 4 players I don't think are up to the required level to help us compete this year unless things drastically change for them.


Hudson-Odoi. He keeps regressing. He hasn't kicked on since he got over his injury. He doesn't seem to read the game well at all, and he offers nothing to our attacking game. Lots of talent, but doesn't have the understanding of the game. Too often I am seeing Tuchel coaching him throughout the game.

Sarr looks a bit out of his depth for me. I don't see him getting many games this season. He may play the next round and an FA cup match, but unless we get hit by multiple CB injuries, he's not getting in.

Saul, it's early days, but I'm not seeing much there. Loftus-Cheek looks a better option in CM and Barkley looks like a better option in attacking midfield. Not really seeing the point of this loan deal at the moment. What are his strengths exactly?

Ziyech, doesn't look like he cares if we win, lose or draw.


I don't think anybody played great tonight, but I feel like at this moment, these 4 will hold us back the most if they are on the pitch.

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2 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

Ziyech, doesn't look like he cares if we win, lose or draw.

The guy has been trying potshots and worldie passes when a simpler and more efficient moves are available.

Whenever a chance comes to him though, he's not prepared. Almost as if he just does whatever he wants

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20 minutes ago, sonic90 said:

RLC is going back to Saul's house to help him pack his bags

Another disappointing performance from Saul; it's only his 2nd outing, lets see how he's doing midway through the season.  Barkley had a good cameo appearance.

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