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Please help me- what year is this badge from ?

Micke the Swed

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Hello Chelsea lovers! 

I found this old badge in a flee market. I can’t found outhow old it is. 

It’s brass Embroidery and the banner is in pink or maybe faded purple. 

So grateful if you can help me to find more information about it. 

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At a guess, I would say around the 1950's or 60'. Because of the black/navy blue backing I would think it may be for a club official to wear on his blazer/jacket at the time.

This is just guesswork, but it would seem to fit that sort of background.

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A lot of blue material such as on silk and wool scarfs used to fade to purple in the 70s, but that's not the case here because the blue is still blue therefore the purple must be original colouring.

Don't think I've seen purple on the rampant lion badge before. BTW I've always thought our old badge was superb. Wouldn't swap it any other. Occasionally see people with crossed irons wet spam tatoos, or cockerel tatts, and think they look sh*t compared with our lion and staff.

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