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Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Sat 20th Nov 2021 12:30 GMT


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Leicester have not been able to carry through this season notwithstanding finding a new top midfielder, Soumare. So of course they will do a reset during the break and will be out to prove a point or three.

Hopefully we can get some of the walking wounded up and going. Hopefully we don't get any more injuries or over work in the international break.

You have to say that Vardy at 34 scoring 7 goals in 11 games remains an attacking  force to be reckoned with and Tielmans is good. Still their defence is fairly porous

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Tough side, be wary of Tielemans and Vardy. We can put this side away, just need to be clinical enough. 

Lunchtime kickoff after internationals in Nov means it'll be a terrible game but we need to come away with 3 points. 

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Always feel going away for the early kick-off after internationals favours the home side.

Leicesters results have been up and down they will look forward to taking our scalp and I notice Harvey Barnes is just back with those cracking goals.

So we need to be mentally prepared for this 

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So we have been lucky in a sense that most of our international players are done with matches by the end of Monday.

One who is not and plays Wednesday morning is Silva. Assuming he makes it back in good condition from Argentina would he even be able to play or will he be in quarantine and miss this game?

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Just checked the injury situation

Romelu Lukaku Ankle/Foot Injury Nov 05: "20/11/2021 50%; Timo Werner Thigh Injury Oct 29: 20/11/2021 Ruled Out; Mateo Kovacic Thigh Injury Oct 29: 20/11/2021 Ruled Out; Marcos Alonso Ankle/Foot Injury Nov 05: 20/11/2021 Currently Being Assessed 50%; Mason Mount Head/Face Injury Wisdom Teeth Extraction No Return Date Currently Being Assessed 50%

Early KO, away, after internationals, false 9, injuries- I know Leicester haven't performed this season as we usually expect under Brenda but lest not get too cocky yet, and hopefully they can get a bloody dentist in that can fix Mason up for the weekend at least!

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35 minutes ago, mojo said:

Referee: Paul Tierney  VAR: Jarred Gillett


Lukaku and Alonso back in training. @Argo will be so so happy lol

And @mojo you broke a run of gifs man. For...

Embarrassed Shame GIF

Also rumours are TT wants to use as many no international break players as possible. So we could see:






Rudiger (been back since the weekend)











Would be only Mendy, AC, Toni and James who played in the break, and Rudi missed Germanys Sunday game so has been back since the weekend.

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2 hours ago, jrshugo said:

seen pictures of Lukaku training, but does anybody have any idea if he will actually be match fit and in the squad Saturday, better yet in the starting 11?

Ideas aplenty, definite knowledge... I couldn't possibly tell you :tongue:

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