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Sinclair IN squad for Arsen*l

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Scott Sinclair has been added to the first team squad for our derby game with Arsen*l on Sunday!

I got this info from the Chelsea website....

And that is pretty good news!!

Personally many of our players look dead on their feet,why not give him a run out??

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Jose says Scott will definitely play a part in tomorrows match because he needs to decide whether to add him to next seasons squad or send him out on loan. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE SCOTTY - TAKE IT ME OLD MUKKA!!

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He may get a shot on the field late on, he may not play. He may just sit on the bench, but it is good to see Jose giving him a shot, and this also, in a more positive way, means tht Jose is still going to be here next season. However, some pressure on young Scotty's shoulders


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If the premiership is really beyond reach (which I suspect it is), then I think playing some of the kids to show them what the top level is really like and what they need to do to make it at this level can't be a bad thing, can it?

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Every game is a big game for Chelsea these days......

We should give him a chance,we've been guilty of wasting Youth players in the past because the Club demands immediate success.

If your not willing to play the up and coming kids...We may as well scrap the Youth setup.

And continue in our policy of overspending on foreign players.

For me.........Carlton Cole's (who was a fantastic local kid) career was ruined when Roman came in.

He was so important to us the season before!!

He was in a critcal development period of his career.....and didn't progress because the club were looking else where!

We have to give these boys time!

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I almost agree whole heartedly Glory. I agree totally that a youth development program is pointless if we are never prepared to blood the youngsters and place a little faith in them (and in fairness to Jose he appears more prepared to put faith in younger players than Claudio was - OK most of them have been been bought players so far but that has a lot to di with the fact we neglected our youth development for so many years)

I disagree about Carlton. Carlton was his own worst enemy and he, more than anyone, blew his chances of a Chelsea career. His attitude to the clubs he was loaned to was poor and the lack of effort he put in for them points very much toward a player with a very low level of professionalism. His career is collapsing fast and he is the main cause of it.

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Okay, great future and everything, but do you really think he is ready to play against one of the top four Premiership sides?

If you're ready, you're ready no matter who the opposition is.

Was Rooney really ready when he scored his famous first goal?

Was Owen really ready when he was unleashed?

Were any of Wenger's kids ready?

There's only one way to find out. Let 'em loose and try them after they have no fear at that age and are less likely to feel inhibited or restricted as some of the older players sometimes seem to be.

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