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Why i say most our signings this season are crap- Sheva, Ballack and now Bouhlahrouz.

He's next on my list to be shipped out.

i wouldn t say that they are crap, its just difficould to find the right formation, where they all will play good!

Boula didn t play for a long time, and there might be some troubles wih JM, so his self-efficacy was not a the level. unfortunately!

Balck is playing the same role like Lamps, and sheva dontlike the high balls in to the box!

let s hope JM will find something for them!

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Why i say most our signings this season are crap- Sheva, Ballack and now Bouhlahrouz.

He's next on my list to be shipped out.

Whilst all three of the above have been, shall we say disappointing, "crap" is a little too simplistic. Bouhlahrouz was strongly rumoured to have been signed by Arnessen, which would go a long way to explaining why Jose persisted in playing Essien out of position, and which in turn, can hardly have done Bouhlahrouz's confidence any good, can it? Ballack and Sheva.

I think someone else commented on this. Ballack is one of those players who drifts through large portions of the game, and appears to have done nothing throughout. But then one evening on MOTD, post match analysis highlighted Ballack's contribution to the game, which was in fact, pretty much part of everything good about the team's performance that day.

Then there's Sheva - he's suffered injuries, hasn't had the best of service, and has like many other players (Terry 'enry of the Arse anyone?) suffered a loss in form as a result of taking part in last year's World Cup.

Not excuses but contributary factors.

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That was the worst piece of defending i have seen for a looooooooooong time.

You must have missed him doing almost exactly the same thing just a little earlier in the half against Adebeyour! Luckily JT got there to clear before he could hack him down.

You would have thought he might have learned from that.

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