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Football is dead and it's time to move on.

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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So, having been at my wits end with the negativity that comes with supporting a club with winning expectations, Mbappe's contract renewal today has nailed the coffin.

An abhorrently disgusting, vile and outright embarrassment to modern day sporting integrity that such a club as PSG, riddled with debt and playing in the mere French league, can produce such staggering financial numbers to secure Kylian Mbappe. The game has well and truly gone; it's just become a toy thing of rich owners that pay obscene money to lawyers tasked with finding ways to break rules legally and throw their obscene amounts of cash around. 

I don't want this topic to sound like a right moan as I appreciate I have been very moany lately; realising, however, that this is down to self-entitled arrogance that sadly comes with being a fan of a top team; I'm very, very glad I had my youth in football when big Ed stacked in goal...

This may be the first season I take the decision to look after mental wellbeing instead of obsessively fretting over transfers rumours that cost a tenth of a billion; or becoming jealous because the oil clubs have spunked another £300million on the latest foreign investment. 

Honestly, mental. f**k this sport and f**k the elite clubs. 

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It's just natural progression, sadly this has been building for years and years. The Neymar deal to Paris already broke the transfer fee structure and now Mbappe's deal will break wage structures and free transfers.

This is the future of football, and I expect to see more players run down their deals now and sign with clubs for ridiculous fees. Look at Rudiger and Christensen don't believe everything that is said about their reasons for leaving. Sure there could be sporting reasons, improvement in wages but also getting millions just for signing a contract appeals to just about anybody.  It's already been reported Chelsea refused to give either signing bonuses if they did sign again for us. 

Madrid supposedly are giving Rudi and his brother (agent) between €8-35m as a signing bonus and Andreas is getting some sort of personal fee for signing with Barca. Regarding Andreas, not sure exactly how much, but I'd assume below €10m. More and more players are expecting deals like this and it makes sense. 

Is it justifiable maybe not, but from a player's and agent's perspective if a player is valued at X amount and the club doesn't have to pay X fee to sign them, because they're a free agent then the signing club are getting a huge coup.

You could argue that why does the player and agent need to receive a fee, surely signing for the club they want should be enough. Not to mention getting paid a very good wage and presumably upgrading their teammates and potentially manager. 

Sadly this isn't enough anymore players want Y amount because their market value is X amount and they know that to secure their services ahead of other clubs, certain teams will be willing to pay a premium. 

Sure PSG have done the unthinkable by offering such boat loads of money and control to a player that may be unprecedented (or this is just the first time such a deal with player power has been made public, supposedly Messi had a similar deal at Barca in place for years), but let's not pretend that had Mbappe gone to Real he wouldn't be getting ridiculous amounts of money also.

He was rumoured to have agreed a €130m sign on deal (his entourage asked for €200m LOL). No he wouldn't have as much player power at Madrid, but the point remains valid in this world you are only worth what people are willing to pay you. 

It could be that whilst I agree with you football has gone mad, being a younger fan (27) I find it easier to accept these changes. Do I think it's right for a player to get such ridiculous sums of money? Not exactly but, when my Mrs turns round and says that people in emergency services should be getting paid those kinds of fees because they save lives, it's a valid point yet it misses the context. 

How much do you think Mbappe is worth on an open market where clubs would be willing to bid to have him join their team. At 23 years of age, a world cup winner, top goal scorer in his league and team, regularly outshining Neymar and Messi (granted both are ageing). Add in the fact he cost €180m at 18 and has only got better.

He is worth €200m so why shouldn't he get that fee if he's not being sold to a club?! Is that not his true value ofc I'm just playing advocate here and again I don't disagree with you I'm just trying to help people make sense of football going mad.

Finally just returning to my point about why he gets paid more than those in emergency services. Whether we as the people agree it's the fact that these players bring in such large volumes of revenue and therefore receive bigger portions of the pie compared to average workers.

TV deals, sponsorships, promotions, endorsements, shirt sales you name it. It's what people are willing to pay as I mentioned before, if it doesn't go to the players it's just more in the back pocket of the owners.

My perspective is pretty simple, I find it all entertaining and that's what it's supposed to be. Do I care he's getting ridiculous money? No it doesn't effect me or my team (currently). Is it right? Probably not, but is it justifiable? I'd like to think within the context of modern football yes.

Other major league sports (in America e.g.) have similar deals where players get boat loads of cash. This is just football's natural progression as the number 1 sport showcasing that the top players are not just prime time they are the franchise in Mbappe's case. 

Long post so I'll finish it on this, Mbappe to PSG is quite literally indispensable they proved it to the world, I was 100% certain along with many others that he would go Madrid yet, Paris proved they would do literally anything to keep him.

Surely you've got to begrudgingly respect the balls by PSG,  they didn't turn down a €200m offer from Madrid in the summer they flat out ignored it. Believing they could convince him to stay, insane because not only did they do this but instead of getting €200m they spent that to keep him and now will pay him €1m a week. That's crazy and just means all eyes on him, which is what he and PSG want....no such thing as bad publicity.

They're notorious now more than ever and the spotlight and microscope will be on them even more intensly now....they better win that UCL within those 3 years because I don't see him signing again if they don't and even if they do surely he moves on.

Also I can't help but be amused by the fact that they made Madrid look bad, the team that prides itself on being able to get any player they want, had a player turn them down that doesn't happen often.

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We were banned from the transfer market due to FFP and for tapping etc. I don’t think that will ever happen to the likes of a PSG.. the UEFA and FIFA are in their back pocket.. 

I can never imagine the world up being played mid season to accommodate a host country.

at the end of the day money speaks if you look at the horrible conditions and the number of deaths these stadiums have cost the World Cup should never have been hosted there.

if the human rights record of KSA are kept aside while we are facing the challenges we are and maybe rightly ( what’s happening in Ukraine is horrible and Russia needs to be held to account in any way possible); still in the same breadth there are no repercussions for similar actions by other regimes just shows how these are all currier and political games rather than well intended and thought actions.

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Not to take anything away from your post, but I felt this more about City than PSG, Pep has been able to spend a billion however he wants and even at a time they are dominating totally.. they go and sign Haaland. And worst of all, since we’re competing in the Premier League it hurts us directly, whereas PSG are at a distance. 

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33 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

Can we, as Chelsea fans, really moan about this? It’s got Harry Enfield vibes about it…


Actually we can, because we only spent Roman's cash when it was legal to do so, out of Chelsea, PSG and City, only we didn't get done for breaking FFP. We had to sell Salah and KDB because of that, otherwise we would have just loaned them out to wait and see.

City also sponsor themselves with over inflated value so they pretty much are cheating anyway, I don't know about PSG but where in the bum f**k do they pull out 150m euro to re-sign a player? We may have had big investment in the early Roman days but today we are run like a normal like just like Arsenal and Spurs etc.

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Spanish League ( I'm sure it's just Real not Barca) reporting PSG for re-signing their own player ( whom Real been poaching for years) with way too much money, that's everything we need to know about what's wrong with football these days. Every club in Europe could join in and report PSG, after all they all had a chance to sign the player, with a higher bid😁

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Don't really care about Mbappe. If PSG are stupid enough to pay him that, then fair play. They are still no closer to winning the champions league, and they will continue to dominate the nicky mouse league 1 with or without Mbappe.

For those complaining about man city - it sounds a bit rich (forgive the pun) coming from a chelsea fan, as we have blown more over the last 20 years than anyone else. There are rules in place, and loopholes to exploit. They have just been better at playing that game ( as well as the game on the pitch) than us over the last few seasons.

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We just need to scout for the right players. We have always had the cash, we just spent it badly. 

Can't complain too much when Roman has been playing Football Manager with us back then. For all the good that Roman did, he should have employed scouts that fit a playstyle and hire a manager suited to it instead of hiring and firing managers every few years. 

City did it the "correct way" then spent exorbitantly to cement it. Us, Utd and Newcastle are in the same boat, time will tell if Boehly is going to restructure the management to fit a certain profile of entertaining/winning football.

We have needed a restructure since 2016 tbh. 

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13 hours ago, forbzy said:

Year after year PSG take the piss with finances. Yet they still haven't won the trophy that counts 😉

Nor have City.

I have an ESP skill and think the football gods do not like either of them so they only get moderate success not the whole suite of trophies.

This will change if they tidy up their acts, If I am right. 



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I have no issue, if we're being honest we started this entire thing when Roman came to the club and spent £300m in his first two years. That'd be like Newcastle going and spending £800m in the next two years. It's just natural progression, if it were our club still doing it we'd be loving it. 

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It's always been about the money. Always those teams with the greater economic power have been dominating. The difference now is the amount of money spent is astronomical, but at the same time football is moving much more money around than 20, 30 or 40 years ago, thus the quantities being thrown.

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2 hours ago, RMH said:

It's always been about the money. Always those teams with the greater economic power have been dominating. The difference now is the amount of money spent is astronomical, but at the same time football is moving much more money around than 20, 30 or 40 years ago, thus the quantities being thrown.

I always find it funny that the goonies get all upset about the massive money we spent, completely ignoring that they were the first club to ever pay £100k a week to a player, the hypocritical bunch of w**kers.

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6 hours ago, dkw said:

I always find it funny that the goonies get all upset about the massive money we spent, completely ignoring that they were the first club to ever pay £100k a week to a player, the hypocritical bunch of w**kers.

Or that their entire foundation was build on a promotion they "achieved" when they finished outside the promotion places.

I wonder how they managed that......

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