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Chelsea v Spuds (PL) Sun 14th Aug 2022 16:30 GMT

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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9 minutes ago, HazardousChoice said:

God speed.

The performance needs to be better than Today or we'll lose.

Conte will set up his team exactly like Everton did today.

They'll just be better drilled defensively and Kane/Son and Kuleveski will punish us if we give them the space Evertons front line got.

In theory maybe but Spurs have a huge mental block against us, it's easy to forget we were in horrific form in January while they were in their Conte honeymoon period yet despite that beat them on every occasion despite our form aswell Sarr, Lukaku and Kepa playing all three games.

Also i feel Conte will pay us more respect than our form/fitness levels deserve, he played two fullbacks on the wing in this fixture last season.

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Well, this has come far too early, in order to get anything out of the game we’d need to almost stifle our own development in a sense, conservative/safe choices/kill momentum. No easy games in the league though, once fitness is there.. no excuses regarding how we set up.

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I assume Spurs will keep the same lineup from their game against Southampton, Conte's tactics are gonna be similar to Everton's but Spurs have more quality in front. 

Winning here would give us a nice boost of confidence and positive vibe, but losing here will do the opposite and that's what I'm afraid from to be honest.

I'm optimistic, I trust in the team and believe we can win, especially at our home! 

I'm pretty sure Tuchel won't change the formation especially when Spurs are playing with the same formation, so he will play the regular lineup.

I'd like to see:

-------------------- Mendy -----------------

--- Azpilicueta - Thiago Silva - Koulibaly ---

James ------ Kante --- Kovacic ----- Cucurella 

---------- Havertz ------ Sterling ---------

------------------ Broja ----------------


Against Dier, Romero and Davies we need some options in the air. 


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1 hour ago, IliyaKrostin said:

Winning here would give us a nice boost of confidence and positive vibe, but losing here will do the opposite and that's what I'm afraid from to be honest.

The last time we won the league we lost a big London derby early in the season and went a record win streak after, so a defeat can have a good affect.

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17 hours ago, axman2526 said:

Please don't let Todd attend. He is as cursed coming to the Bridge as our number 9 shirt, and we need to set a marker down here.

It would be a huge setback to lose this game.

Then we need his partner Egbali to come as evidenced yesterday

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I watched some of the Spurs game yesterday. They look good going forward but still unconvincing at the back. I suspect they will start the game with Conte's counterattacking approach. We ought to get some chances against their defence but we need to take them. I agree with those that see Spurs as currently more match fit, and I would have preferred this game a little later in the season. I know we have a good record against them, but I reckon it will be a draw. That wouldn't be a terrible result if so, although it is always great to beat Spurs.

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As a worrywart I'd take a draw here.


James Silva Koulibaly

RLC Jorginho Kovacic Cucurella

Gallagher Havertz Sterling

Gallagher is in the wrong position and Havertz is a useless striker, but sterling should play on the wing

Can we play 4 4 2

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1 hour ago, The Don Antonio said:


James. Silva  koulibally 

RLC kante  Jorginho   curcuella

Mount. Havertz. Sterling


No point risking azpi against Son , James can do a job on him the same way he controlled vinicius junior in the bernabeau.



RLC.. He does absolutely nothing for our side EVER.. 

I can't understand why anyone would want him to even be at Chelsea, he is useless. 

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And tell Havertz and Mount the have 15 minutes to impress/try or they will be hauled off 🙂 .

James looked like he couldn't be bothered last game, I can't work out what mood he is going to be in. All the corners were awful as well, it's like he never realised hitting the first defended was wrong and kept doing it over and over. Perhaps s he isn't the sharpest tool in the box? 

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