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Anthony Taylor

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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We need to do some form of petition. First goal he SHOULD of pulled it up twice for the Havertz foul and Richarlison offside. Second goal how did they get another corner after Cucarella was swung round by his hair, and its just play on.

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7 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

The first goal, I blame on the linesman, but the 2nd goal was typical Taylor. Going blind and missing an obvious foul that he was directly in line with. He does it every time, he magically goes blind against us. He's a cheat, always has been.

He looked right at it. It was literally right in front of him.

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I hate to be that guy that blames the ref but come on. How is this arsehole able to ref and feck us up almost every time!!??

All the tv cameras could see what was going on but not VAR?? 

Mendy gets a yellow for delaying a few seconds but Spuds escape foul after foul even though most of it was cynical?

I have never wished harm on a man over sport but I really am very close to right now. 

Absolute c**t

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It’s virtually impossible for us to win this league with officials like this in our games.

Marginal decisions don’t ever go our way like they do with teams like Liverpool or Arsenal.

Next time Anthony Taylor is put in charge of one of our games we should officially complain.

Even if it doesn’t get anywhere it will sow the seeds that we are there to be walked all over by the FA and Premier League.

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His has become a genuine issue now. The longer the Premier League allows this type of officiating it brings the league, the sport and everything in between into disrepute. The integrity of the game has constantly been questioned by emotional fans. Ok fair a referee makes a mistake that costs your team points you have a right to be vexed. 

When this happens regularly this is known as a pattern and can no longer be merely brushed off as a mistake. This man has a clear agenda against Chelsea.

The refereeing vs Barca in that semi final will always be my personal lowest point regarding the validity and integrity of the game at the highest level. Everyone and their mothers know fifa are corrupt its why the world cup is happening in Qatar they paid everybody off its an open secret. 

It's all fine sitting on your phones, computers, chanting at match days criticising the man, but something significant is needed to be done. The brave souls that started the petition against Taylor refereeing our games last time he did some bs officiating need to restart it again. Furthermore, Todd needs to make a genuine enquiry into an investigation against this referee. He is an embasador of the game. If he hates Chelsea for whatever reason and wants them to lose. Go sign for another team get into shape play for the first team and try to beat us or go join a rival's coaching staff. 

Don't work as a referee where you deliberately sabotage us under the guise of officiating the game "as you see it". VAR itself needs an overhaul because the whole purpose of this system should mean that the big decions are not incorrect regardless of an individual referee.

VAR should be exposing Taylor instead its covering for him. There is something seriously wrong here. This doesn't happen to Liverpool, City, United, Arsenal or Spurs. Why does Taylor hate us so much? Why is nobody at the club seriously not asking questions?

The type of man Tuchel is I believe he will rationally explain todays occurances. Yet privately I believe he will note today down and if something like this happens again another referee horror show from Taylor I believe he will say something publicly that will put pressure on the league and Taylor as a ref. Tuchel is too intelligent to silently allow this for as long as he is coach here. I believe he is aware of the situation or he will be by tomorrow because Social media has blown up with the #AnthonyTaylorout.

I believe its every Chelsea's fan job now who has a social media presence to at least consider retweeting or posting under the hashtag. The more people involved the bigger it grows until the media get involved and once that happens the storm will ensue and then there will be no hiding place for Taylor.

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There is already a thread for this cheer somewhere on the forum. What he has done is nothing  new and nothing ever happens about it.

Imagine him doing this to Milwall on a regular basis, what would happen then? Or rather what would their fans do?

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36 minutes ago, Oli said:

I'm pretty sure there was one last year or even before and it got loads of sigs but nothing happened. Liverpool and Utd used to get refs banned so easily just by asking. The media are picking up on it finally so hopefully this pressures them into action but I expect it to just blow over tbh and he will be there in our next cup final.

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